GoPro Hero 4 Low-Light Setting in video mode

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7 Responses

  1. nas says:

    great explanation. thank you so much!

  2. Anjospot says:

    Excellent. We understand. Thank you!

  3. djeggy says:

    Why is there no manual shutter settings in video mode, according to the manual there should be one?

  4. Dennis Hansen says:

    What setting do you recommend for Night lapse on the H4 Silver?

  5. Matty Slice says:

    Good article

    I’d like to add when shooting in video with a go pro the actual shutter speeds will probably be closer to this


    2xfps is usually standard and I doubt go pros auto setting strays too far off as this would create more jagged footage (couldn’t think of a better word). Just figured these numbers would be useful to emphasize how poorly the higher frame rates will do in low light settings.

  6. Jim Baugh says:

    I also shoot with the 4 silver. iso 400 20 second exposure