Real-Estate Photography and Interior Design photo shoots — Longmont, Boulder, Loveland and vicinity

Photography for Interior Designers, Architects, Remodel Projects, Real Estate Listings, Staging projects
Photography for Interior Designers, Architects, Remodel Projects, Real Estate Listings, Staging projects
Real Estate Photography
Business + Architecture Photography
Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
Living Room - Real Estate Photography
Exterior shot - Real Estate Photography
Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
Twilight / Exterior Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Photography for Interior Designers, Architects, Remodel Projects, Real Estate Listings, Staging projects
Architecture + Real Estate Photography
Twilight / Exterior Photography
Real Estate Photography
Photography for Businesses, Interior Designers, Architects
Powder Room - Real Estate Photography
Modern kitchen with warm yellow ambience
Traditional, cottage-style turquois-white kitchen with feel-good ambience
Traditional, contemporary, craftsman-style open layout kitchen
Modern Colorful Bathroom - Real Estate Photography
Modern Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
Modern Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
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Real-Estate Photography and Interior Design photo shoots

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Architectural Photography and Real Estate Photography

On this page I provide an insight into budgeting an Architectural Photo Shoot which shall be the umbrella term for Real Estate photography, residential and commercial architecture photography, interior and exterior, and on top of that for different professions like architects, landscape architects, remodelers, real estate professionals, interior designers, staging professionals, and others. Every photo shoot has different requirements, however, this page gives an idea about options.

Some people ask: what is the difference between Real Estate photography and Architectural photography? How do I know what I need? From my perspective I use the same diligence to create those images. However, Real Estate photos have a short life-cycle, just for the purpose of selling the property, whereas most other clients and professions want the photos for their portfolio or marketing purposes and therefore the images have a different audience, a longer life-cycle and a different emphasis. In the end, I think both groups need top-notch photos. The time allocated for Real Estate photography and Architectural photography is different and the focus differs. If interested, please read my article: Architectural vs Real Estate photography – is there a difference?

Or go directly to: Custom Architecture, Landscape Design, Commercial photography

In the following I am talking about pricing for different types of projects – you decide what category fits your project best.
Upfront a brief overview of pricing / project categories… and if you are interested in detailed information and pricing and bundling services, please read on and find more info.

Brief Pricing Overview: photography

Real Estate (standard)

  • 1 BR / Studio: $160.oo
  • 2 BR homes: $200.oo
  • 3-4 BR homes: $220.oo
  • 5+ BR homes: starting at $290.oo

Real Estate (high-end)/Architecture format

  • 1 BR / Studio: $250.oo+
  • 2 BR homes: $330.oo+
  • 3-4 BR homes and bigger: starting at $380.oo-440.oo+

Architecture / Custom

– fully custom shoots, shot list, calculated by the hour @ $220.oo/hr, or half-day+ rates, see further below.

Bundling AERIAL photos

  • drone photos: starting at $85.oo+

Bundling VIDEO Home Tour / Aerial video

  • starting at $220.oo (up to 2BR) and slightly more for bigger homes
  • add aerial video sequences: starting at $150.oo+

Real Estate photography (standard & architecture upgrade) Pricing  – more information

I’ll provide advice with regards to optimizing items in a room, like re-arranging items or moving items in/out of the picture. All based on my experience what will work best for your purpose. I am a ‘hands-on’ person and will help doing that. General de-cluttering or cleaning not included — I am talking about fine-tuning / optimizing your home after you brought it in good order.

Besides of just cleaning, … think about some decoration and creating a warm appeal. Give your home an inviting, welcoming character. Add some color spots. Don’t forget the patios, porches, balconies, and the backyard area — often those areas are less groomed than the interior.

Included in my photo shoot pricing: HDR photography, exterior photos, Photoshop-enhancement, perspective correction, resized (hi-resolution and web-use sets), photos ready to use for multiple purposes. And a FULL USAGE RIGHTS LICENSE for you!

The larger the home or property the more time on-location is needed: more rooms, more photos lead to more post-production time (that is the editing, enhancing, HDR processing).

What about partial home photography / partial commercial property? That’s basically a custom project, an architectural photo shoot — pricing depends on how many areas you need to be photographed.
Minimum project size: 1hr — it will result in a photo shoot that focuses on that particular room (or rooms) or object (stairs, kitchen, patio, machines, equipment, etc.), including many perspectives and angles. Contact me for a quote and tell me what rooms / objects you need to be visualized.

Guest Houses (stand-alone or attached): depends a little bit on the size and features. If the guest house is a fully independent apartment with kitchen et cetera, it will be calculated as an apartment (Studio/1-BR), otherwise it can be calculated in form of Bedrooms into the overall home size.

Finished Basements: they come in all sorts of sizes and flavors and in small homes as well as large homes. If you have  Bedroom/Bathroom (BR/BA) down there, then just count them into the overall home size, like you do it in a listing. Tell me what else is down there. Basically, it doesn’t matter to me on which floor your rooms are located and in the end the number of BR/BA are one indicator for the time I need to photograph the home. I believe that should be a quite accurate and fair assessment.

Specialty rooms: please tell me if you have ‘specialty rooms’ like a full-featured fitness room/gym, a bar, a home cinema, an indoor pool, underground parking, et cetera. — it might (or not) add a few dollars but that depends on the overall order and size of the home.

Luxury Real Estate, multiple homes or units (e.g. Builders, Realtors):

Most likely a custom architecture shoot or upgraded real estate photo shoot — get in touch and tell me about the details. Synergy effects can also be considered when multiple units are involved. 

Exterior Photography (Landscape Design, Buildings, et cetera)

Sometimes a project requires only Exterior photos — that could be the case for architects, builders, landscape companies, landscape architects, remodelers, realtors, and others. Also, you might want to extend the included exterior photos of my Interior packages which include up to 5 exterior shots.

For Exterior Design projects it is a good idea to add AERIAL images and/or video. See pricing for bundling with a photo/video shoot further below.

Pricing starts at $220.oo for small stand-alone Exterior projects (no Aerial images included, but you can upgrade).
Upgrades from Interior packages start at $110.oo and will extend the coverage to cover more angles, maybe nice views or landscaping or whatever exterior aspects shall be visualized. Twilight sessions not included — Twilight photos are a different upgrade / standalone project. Another form of Exterior photos are Aerial photos — that is a different as well, see further below.

Or go directly to: Custom Architecture, Landscape Design, Commercial photography

Pricing Real Estate photography (packages)

All Projects

Photos suitable for Portfolios, Print Brochures, Magazines, Real Estate listings, websites, etc.

Photos are post-processed to optimize (enhance) the appeal. Full Usage Rights license!
Resized sets of photos: larger, high-res for print purposes and smaller versions for Web / Social Media purposes.

REAL ESTATE (Standard Listing purposes)


“Standard” shall be understood as not being a luxury, signature property for which you should opt for upgraded Real Estate shoots.

Photos are wide-angle room overview shots.

You’ll get all images that turn out well and make sense. Actual number of photos depends on property size and number of rooms to be photographed.

Number of photos to be expected for…

1 BR / Studio: up to 15 photos

2,3,4 BR: up to 25 photos

5 BR and larger: commonly 25+ photos up to 50 photos


  • 1 BR / Studio: $160.oo
  • 2 BR homes: $200.oo
  • 3-4 BR homes: $220.oo
  • 5+ BR homes: starting at $290.oo, please inquire

These Interior packages include up to 5 DAYLIGHT Exterior shots. For Twilight Exterior see the Add-on price further below.
Full-featured Guest Houses (stand-alone or attached): they count as Studio or 1-BR apartment (or bigger).

Finished basements: Bedrooms (incl. corresponding Bathrooms) count into the home size measured in bedrooms. If you don’t have BR/BA then tell me what’s down there.

Specialty Rooms: like game room, sauna, indoor pool, bar, home cinema, full featured gyms, etc. might (or not) add $25.00 / per room, depending on overall home size / order

Community and Estate amenities like pools, gyms, club-house: add $25.oo+ / per amenity

SELECTIVE areas or rooms, maybe of interest for showcasing projects starts at $220.oo, depending on project details

Real Estate ARCHITECTURAL STYLE photography upgrade
(for high-end, luxury, signature projects)


That is photo shoot which shall emphasize features, build quality, craftmanship, provides overview and narrow perspectives, more angles.
It requires more time on-location.

Note: I need your input before I confirm my estimate and before the photo shoot.

  • 1 BR / Studio: $250.oo-330.oo+
  • 2 BR homes: $330.oo+
  • 3-4 BR homes and bigger: starting at $380.oo to 440.oo+
  • Note: luxury property often comes with neat features and it is difficult to generalize regarding the time needed to photograph it. Please inquire and describe your property, the features and your focus.

Finished basements: Bedrooms (incl. corresponding Bathrooms) count into the home size measured in bedrooms.

Specialty Rooms: like game room, sauna, indoor pool, bar, home cinema, full featured gyms, etc. might (or not) add $40.00 / per room, depending on overall home size / order

Community and Estate amenities like community pools, gyms, horse stables, club-house: add $50.oo+ / per amenity

Further Upgrades

Additional costs if the property has more features or if you need package upgrades:

  • RETURN (2nd visit) to location for alternative / different natural lighting — necessary for high quality coverage of object: add-on costs are calculated based on time needed for round-trip to / from location plus time needed for photo shoot (creative fee / session fee). This is an item that mostly applies to Architectural shoots or Luxury Properties.

  • Help/Support with Zillow listings: $80.oo

  • Twilight HDR photos (exterior/time permitting interior):
    Winter (Daylight Saving Time: no): $45.oo;
    – Summer (DST: yes): $100.oo
    STAND-ALONE price twilight exterior photos (==no other booking): $220.oo
See also Best time of day to shoot Real Estate photos: TWILIGHT
  • Aerial Photography, Video and Aerial Video
    Please find bundling details and pricing further below.

  • Different usage licensing: NDA’a, Exclusiveness, etc.: please detail your needs and I can explain additional costs.
meetings, in-depth discussion & planning, prep, scouting, et cetera
$80.oo / hour

Architectural format for Real Estate photography

The differentiation between Architectural and Real Estate photography is narrow but significant and can also overlap. If you are not sure if your project falls in this category, please read my article:  Architectural vs Real Estate photography – is there a difference?

I need to know your goals, and the details you want to feature. A shot list would be ideal, but you can compose it in many ways, either detailed lists or if you are better in telling the story of the place ‘free style’ please do so — I just need to know where your focus lies. These projects get more time during all stages: planning, photo shoot, post-production. If you need highest quality outcome, this is the way to go.

My estimate takes into calculation: your input and description of project, the estimated scope, the expected # of photos / outcome, post-production needs.

Mini/Small projects: 1 hr or 1.5hrs: $22o.oo-330.oo
Small/Medium projects 2, 3 hrs: $44o.oo – $66o.oo
Half-day (4hrs) rate is: $8oo.oo
Large projects, more than Half-day: $2oo.oo / hour


  • Photo Editing (images are enhanced, optimized)
  • # of digital photos: depends strongly on project type, agreement, and time for planning / producing shots
  • Full Usage Rights License

Retouching / Advanced Edit: calculated per image or per hour. Most scenarios allow a per image calculation, commonly $35.oo/image, but difficult edits can be more.

Travel costs: ground-travel (in the vicinity) 30 miles round-trip included and beyond that $1 per mile. For all other travel requirements, please inquire.

NDA’s / confidentiality agreements (if required) involve a 50% surcharge on all pricing.

Night work (7pm to 6am): surcharge 30% per hour.

Multiple Visits to location for alternative / different natural lighting — may be necessary for high quality coverage of object: add-on costs are calculated based on time/mileage for round-trip to / from location plus time needed for photo shoot (creative fee / session fee).

ARCHITECTURAL photo shoot (custom photo shoot for commercial, residential, high-end, luxury, signature property+projects)

Ideal for Builders with model homes, Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Remodelers et cetera — you can right-size the project scope to your needs and project size, create a shot list or punch lists, and more.

Note 1: You define the scope of the photo shoot. It is understood that sometimes not all rooms (like in a Real Estate Listing shoot) are part of the project. Pricing is therefore depending on time needed / booked. Small projects might need only 1-2 hrs of time.

Note 2: a full Architectural photo shoot is a custom photo shoot aiming to fulfill your highest expectations. Pricing is therefore not really suited to be a package price. That’s why the listed costs for the sample residential home sizes are stated as ‘starting at’…

Note 3: to achieve the best outcome I am recommending that the property is staged and prepared to the maximum. For detail and feature shots the feature should present at its best, including clean surfaces and decoration.


  • partial, or otherwise CUSTOM coverage: starts as MINI/SMALL project / 1hr minimum: $220.oo. Commonly 1.5 to 2 hrs can be calculated for small projects.

Examples of detailed photo shoots that cover all you need for your marketing or portfolio: most residential homes can be done in up to 2hrs. Very large or complex homes might need some more time.

-All projects include extended Exterior coverage.
Scope of project is flexible and will be outlined before project start.

How to book

How to book & other photography pricing


Consider a Video Tour to showcase the property

Video Home Tour (presentation format): Including royalty-free music overlay. A 1.5 to 3-minute video can do the job. My videos show homes in a relaxed, elegant TV-style way, not just a simple ‘walk-thru-style’ which is outdated. Such short videos are the best way of visualizing a home, it’s like people know it from TV home improvement shows. It’s not as complicated and isolated as former 3D tours, and video home tours can be easily combined with aerial video and community/neighborhood B-Roll video including narratives (titles) in form of text and voice. 

BUNDLING with Photo shoot: If you bundle the Video shoot with an eligible photo shoot: get up to 20% off the video price.

Real Estate Video Tour as an upgrade to an eligible photo shootUp to 3 minute videos delivered as HD 1080p YouTube optimized video (without Realtor Interview / voice overlay) – please contact me with all the details for a custom quote.


  • Up to 2 BR homes / condos: $220.oo+

  • 3-4 BR homes / condos: $280.oo+
  • 5 BR+: $360.oo+

Stand-alone booking:

Real Estate Video Tour (standalone, no other services booked)Up to 3 minute videos delivered as HD 1080p YouTube optimized video (without Realtor Interview / voice overlay) – please contact me with all the details for a custom quote

  • Up to 2 BR homes / condos: starting at $270.oo
  • 3-4 BR homes / condos: starting at $360.oo
  • 5 BR+: starting at $440.oo, please inquire and detail the property for a custom quote.

Rough cut video

If you don’t need a video for presentation purposes but instead for internal overview use only, e.g. to provide yourself with an overview / insight into an object or area, I am offering so-called rough cut videos. These videos don’t aim at being published, they aren’t polished, they aim at visualizing a place or object e.g. when you aren’t able to go there yourself. E.g. when you are a remote home buyer et cetera.

If interested then let me know. Pricing is less than full-blown presentation videos and depend on the task, time needed, objects: starting at $120.oo (as an add-on to the photo shoot at the same location). Stand-alone orders (and alternative locations) have higher costs.

NOTE: my rough cut videos contain a watermark identifying them as a rough cut in order to avoid being presented as a polished final video.

Video ADD-ONs:

Guest Houses (stand-alone or attached): they are calculated in form of Bedrooms into the overall home size.

Large /or Estate-type properties? Larger properties might have more to show, e.g. property grounds, specialty garages, additional buildings and sheds, lakes, drive-ups, beach front, etc.. Those properties require more time on location. Please contact me for a custom quote.

Interview and voice-over narrative? — that is an add-on that requires a basic concept for the shoot, more time on-location and for the video-edit, and a narration (written and recorded) from the realtor or talent.

Exact pricing depends therefore on several factors and options: size of property, goals, length of resulting video, and type of videography (multi-cam, aerial, mixed photo/video, audio, etc.), or if an interview is part of the video shoot, and so on.
Tell me about your project and I’ll give you an estimate. Or tell me about your allocated budget and I make you an offer what can be done for that price.

If your project doesn’t fit into the standard Real Estate Video Home Tour format then I’d like to give you a pricing idea for general video projects that can be customized to any degree. Pricing Info can be found here: Video

AERIAL Photos and/or Aerial Video

I am FAA licensed; I am insured.

Upgrades / Bundling

Aerial PHOTO (UPGRADE/Bundled with photo package)$85.oo+ 
(it could be slightly more if the property is large or specific situations require more prep or time-on-location.)
Aerial VIDEO (includes several PHOTOS) (UPGRADE/Bundled with Video Home Tour)starting at $150.oo (normally up to ca. 60 sec aerial video integration into the surface video; I am evaluating the length based on the rest of the video so the outcome is balanced)


Estate-type properties or multiple buildings / structures are priced higher depending on the time needed to cover everything.

Stand-alone, no other services booked: 

Information can be found here: Aerial Photos / Video

Above pricing assumes that drone flights can be performed in allowed airspace and without getting waivers, flight permissions etc. — if permits, waivers, and clearances are mandatory, please note that those can take days to weeks to obtain. Pricing might be higher.

Custom Projects

  • Custom Aerial video+photo for estate-type properties, ranches, commercial property, or communities: starting $360.oo+ (up to 3 min video as stand-alone video and normally shorter when combined with a surface video tour because the scenes need to be balanced in length). Price varies depending on the actual property size, details, and amenities. This service can be customized to any degree, including video length, style, music, coverage, etc.

A 60 sec to 90 sec video length covers a regular home in a Point-of-Interest style which means the home is shown from all sides, basically circling the home at a certain altitude. Longer videos can become boring when you do not have to offer interesting other perspectives and views. Sometimes the neighborhood or open spaces / adjacent nature areas might be worth to be shown.
IF the property is large and you need to show the property as a whole including ponds, lakes, views, forest, other buildings like sheds, guest houses, a nice drive-up, …and so on, which is typical for large estates or ranches,… then a 2-3 minute video is recommended.

These pricing information are ballpark figures and for a binding quote I need your input on the type of property and your goals. Best is to email me the details inclusive the property address since I have to check for airspace and location restrictions.

For decent sized properties there is a max. 60 minutes of time reserved for drone operation (incl. setup) on location; for large properties / Estates prices can be slightly higher because more time might be needed – let me know details.

You are marketing a luxury property? A little bit of all: photos, interior and exterior video and aerial shots/video?

For high priced luxury properties I recommend that mix of visualization. To visualize and showcase a multi-million dollar property in an appropriate way takes some time to plan the shoot and produce it. I am committed to deliver the best possible outcome and will work close with the realtor or homeowner to make that happen. Let me know details in order to compile an estimate for you.

These type of projects are based on the calculated time needed to cover the project. It’s too complicated to make packages because of the different needs and property types.


  • Interior + Exterior + Aerial photos
  • Twilight photos
  • Video Interior / Exterior + Aerial Video

Pricing commonly between $800-1200.oo if the project fits into a ca. half-day production, but can be higher for more complex projects.

Photoshop / Retouching

HDR photography is a technique to better balance brightness / contrast / colors in an image — images look more natural,  like you experienced them with your eyes. I am using that technique for scenes with strong contrasts like interiors. I also run all images through Photoshop to enhance them (e.g. color correction, optimizing the dynamic range) because it’s what you do in this industry and images become more beautiful. I also apply perspective correction (read my article: Perspective Correction) where I feel it is appropriate. That’s included in my pricing.

If you need other things like removing objects or retouching in general, I can do that as well and costs depend on the complexity of the task (read my article: Photo Editing, Enhancing, Retouching a.k.a. photoshopping) .
Additional Advanced Editing for Architectural projects (and such) starts at $35.oo per image (mostly sufficient).

photo work


-> On-demand custom Lessons / Help

-> Photo Editing, Enhancing, Retouching