Real-Estate Photography, Staging, Interior Design, Builders, and Architects

Photography for Interior Designers, Architects, Remodel Projects, Real Estate Listings, Staging projects
Photography for Interior Designers, Architects, Remodel Projects, Real Estate Listings, Staging projects
Real Estate Photography
Business + Architecture Photography
Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
Living Room - Real Estate Photography
Exterior shot - Real Estate Photography
Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
Twilight / Exterior Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Photography for Interior Designers, Architects, Remodel Projects, Real Estate Listings, Staging projects
Architecture + Real Estate Photography
Twilight / Exterior Photography
Living Room - Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Photography for Businesses, Interior Designers, Architects
Powder Room - Real Estate Photography
Modern kitchen with warm yellow ambience
Traditional, cottage-style turquois-white kitchen with feel-good ambience
Traditional, contemporary, craftsman-style open layout kitchen
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Photography for Real Estate, Builders, Interior Designers

Related services: photo editing / enhancing / retouching and design work.

Package Pricing Photo Shoots

Roughly 22o USD will cover a 3 BR house or condo. Discounts available for multiple bookings. If the home / condo is a luxury property with e.g. high-end furniture, appliances, and customization you can also book my High-end Property Detail add-on which emphasizes details of the home and costs only a little bit more. Further below you’ll find more pricing details.

I am not an image ‘counter’ because I believe that makes no sense and limits you and me — I’ll take as many photos as the project requires, it’s that simple. I’ll provide you with the best ones and all rooms / angles that matter.

I’ll provide advice with regards to optimizing items in a room, like re-arranging items or moving items in/out of the picture. All based on my experience what will work best for your purpose. I am a ‘hands-on’ person and will help doing that. General de-cluttering or cleaning not included — I am talking about fine-tuning / optimizing your home after you brought it in good order.

Included: HDR photography, a few exterior photos, Photoshop-enhanced, perspective correction, resized (hi-resolution and web-use sets), ready to use. And FULL USAGE RIGHTS !

For larger homes the price is slightly higher, just for the reason that it takes longer because those homes usually offer more rooms, angles and perspectives. These prices shall give you an idea about the costs, and optional extras like twilight photos, coverage of significant amenities (e.g, club houses, pools, etc.), finished basements, and so on, may add a few dollars to the costs.

4BR homes are starting at $260.oo. For 5BR+ (starting at $300.oo), luxury properties, please inquire — also, if you are a realtor, interior designer, home stager, builder, architect with a continuous flow of projects please inquire for a custom quote: once a project flow is real and established, we can talk about volume discounts.

What about 1-BR condos and studios or 2-bedroom homes/condos? If you have a standard 1-2 bedroom without high-end features, the price will be around 180 to 200 Dollars. If that property is in the luxury category it will be ca. 240 Dollars because your goal will be to showcase the small property in a way that justifies the high-end price and detail shots of many interior features are essential. Also, assuming it is a furnished or staged home the small places usually are a challenge regarding camera position and angles.

What about partial home photography? Pricing depends on how many rooms / areas you need to be photographed. It starts at $180.oo and will  result in a photo shoot that focuses on that particular room, including detail shots and many perspectives and angles. Contact me for a quote and tell me what rooms you need to be visualized.

Optional Extras

  • RETOUCHING: removing/adding items in the photo, altering the image, etc.
  • Photo SLIDESHOW as video
  • NIGHT,  dusk/dawn, Twilight photos
  • ADDITIONAL spaces: finished basements, Community Amenities, Estate overviews
  • Detail photos for high-end properties: emphasizing customization, appliances, craftsmanship, etc.
  • Aerial photos / video
  • Help w/ ZILLOW
  • Local travel up-to 30 mi roundtrip included ($1/mi thereafter)

Builders, Interior Designers, Architects, Luxury properties

If you are building a portfolio, presentation, or you intend to print high-end sales brochures I’ll recommend to discuss your requirements in detail — I am offering consultation / planning on an hourly basis. If you have a print brochure designer, bring him/her along to guarantee the design goals and requirements will be discussed.

Exterior ONLY?

Sometimes a project requires only Exterior photos — that could be the case for architects, builders, landscape companies, remodelers, realtors, and others. Also, you might want to extend the included exterior photos of my Interior packages which include up to 5 exterior shots. Pricing starts at $180.oo for stand-alone Exterior projects.
Upgrades from Interior packages start at $100.oo and will cover more angles, maybe nice views or landscaping or whatever exterior aspects shall be covered. Twilight sessions not included — Twilight photos are a different upgrade / standalone project. Another form of Exterior photos are Aerial photos — that is a different as well, see further below. However, you may combine all sorts of photo shoots which is the way to go for a full coverage of luxury projects.

Extensive exterior photo shoots for Buildings, Businesses, Large Homes or Estates, Communities, Ranches are priced higher, depending on the coverage area and time needed. Please inquire.

Pricing & How to book

Pricing details & How to book

Real Estate VIDEO

Consider Video to showcase your property

For Real Estate projects which want to feature an HD Home Tour in a Walk-Thru format I am offering special packages. Including royalty-free music overlay. A 1.5 to 3-minute video can do the job.

Up to 3 minute videos delivered as HD 1080p YouTube optimized video (without Realtor Interview / voice overlay):

  • Up to 3 BR homes / condos: $220.oo
  • 4 BR homes / condos: $260.oo
  • 5 BR+: starting at $320.oo, please inquire and detail the property for a custom quote.

BUNDLING with Photo shoot: If you bundle the Video shoot with an eligible photo shoot: get 20% off the video price.


Luxury property? Larger properties / homes and luxury properties (usually from 1 Million+ on) require more time on location and I recommend to book my ADD-ON (Luxury add-on) which allows extra time to take video of details and makes the video standout more (than an overview video) — that ADD-ON is 50% on top of the mentioned price.

Realtor Interview and voice-over narrative? — that is an add-on that requires a basic concept for the shoot, more time on-location and for the video-edit, and a narration (written and recorded) from the realtor or talent. That ADD-ON starts at $300.oo and is slightly higher priced for larger and luxury properties.

Exact pricing depends therefore on several factors and options: size of property, goals, length of resulting video, and type of videography (multi-cam, aerial, mixed photo/video, audio, etc.), or if an interview is part of the video shoot, and so on.
Tell me about your project and I’ll give you an estimate. Or tell me about your allocated budget and I make you an offer what can be done for that price.

If your project doesn’t fit into the standard Real Estate Walk-thru format then I’d like to give you a pricing idea for general video projects that can be customized to any degree. Pricing Info can be found here: Video

ADD some Aerial Photos or Aerial Video

  • Aerial photo package (stand-alone, no other services booked): $220.oo.
  • Aerial video+photo: $295.oo for a up to 90 sec overview video including neutral royalty-free music overlay.
  • Custom Aerial video+photo for luxury properties or communities: starting $400.oo+ (up to 3 min video as stand-alone and may be shorter when combined with a video home tour because the scenes need to be balanced in length). Price varies depending on the actual property size and amenities. This service can be customized to any degree, including video length, style, music, coverage, etc.

A 60 sec to 90 sec video length covers the home in a Point-of-Interest style which means the home is shown from all sides, basically circling the home at a certain altitude. Longer videos can become boring when you do not have to offer interesting other perspectives and views. Sometimes the neighborhood or open spaces / adjacent nature areas might be worth to be shown.
IF the property is large and you need to show the property as a whole including ponds, lakes, views, forest, other buildings like sheds, guest houses, a nice drive-up, …and so on, which is typical for large estates or ranches,… then a 2-3 minute video is recommended.

BUNDLING: Discount of up to 15% possible for bundling with eligible photo shoot or video tour shoot.

These pricing information are ballpark figures and for a binding quote I need your input on the type of property and your goals. Best is to email me the details inclusive the property address since I have to check for airspace and location restrictions.

For decent sized properties there is a max. 60 minutes of time reserved for drone operation (incl. setup) on location; for large properties / Estates prices can be slightly higher because more time might be needed – let me know details.

You are marketing a luxury property? A little bit of all: photos, interior video and aerial shots/video?

For high priced luxury properties I recommend that mix of visualization. To visualize and showcase a multi-million dollar home appropriately it takes some time to plan the shoot and produce it. I am committed to deliver the best possible outcome and will work close with the realtor or homeowner to make that happen.

Photoshop / Retouching / HDR

HDR photography is a technique to better balance brightness / contrast / colors in an image — images look more natural,  like you experienced them with your eyes. I am using that technique for scenes with strong contrasts like interiors. I also run all images through Photoshop to enhance them because it’s what you do in this industry and images become more beautiful. I also apply perspective correction where (read my article: Perspective Correction) I feel it is appropriate. That’s included in my pricing. If you need other things like removing objects or retouching in general, I can do that as well and costs depend on the complexity of the task (read my article: Photo Editing, Enhancing, Retouching a.k.a. photoshopping) .

More project images of Real Estate / Interior Design on

Remodeling and Home Design, Real Estate Photogrpahy

Interested in a general insight why pricing differs among photographers?

Short answer is that for a cheaper price you will most likely have to make compromises. Bottom-line and for sure nothing new to you: no good photographer on the market would work for a cheap student tariff because for a quality outcome experience matters. Cheap offers are always made for a reason.

Read more on the topic here: Real Estate Photography – insights into pricing, budgets, goals, approaches

However, if you want to give it a shot with your own photos,… there are some good books out there to give you a head start. And you should also think about getting Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos.

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