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Real Estate Photography that sets a new standard

Real Estate photography is a subset of Architectural photography and for most projects a streamlined workflow can be offered.

In common Real Estate Photography you’ll get the angles and look & feel of real estate photos which is by default different from the composition for architectural and editorial photos. Real Estate photos are tailored to a Real Estate agent’s needs, however, given that all properties have a ‘chocolate side’ to showcase and photo shoots can be optimized for a property, you might find that most standard Real Estate photos aim too low.

Real Estate photos have a short life-cycle, just for the purpose of selling the property and tailored to the needs of a real estate agent, however, there’s a difference between standard properties and outstanding properties, regarding how you want to present them.
For properties that should tell their individual story and set themselves apart from the mass I recommend to decide for an Architectural photo shoot (if you are an architect, developer, Interior Designer, etc.) or if you are a Realtor with a special property you can opt for the Real Estate Shoot in Architecture Format — both shoots incorporate latest visual trends and guidelines and deliver a sophisticated look & feel next to highest quality.

Real Estate Photography vs. Architectural Photography

If you are an Interior Designer (ID) or Architect then you are in for a different look & feel and I shoot those images with your purpose in mind.

Architects, Interior Designers, Stagers, Builders and other professions intend to use the photos for their portfolio or marketing purposes or publishing and therefore the images have a different purpose, audience, a longer life-cycle, and a different emphasis. The time allocated for Real Estate photography and Architectural photography is different, the focus differs, the composition and angles differ, the use and integration of natural light, and the level of customization differs.

Architectural Photography projects are fully customizable; branding aspects for your business or brand come into play. Those projects will lead to more diverse, refined, high-end results. Therefore a different look & feel, let’s call it the editorial, architectural magazine style with a strong branding message, is the result. Outstanding Architectural photos used for editorial purposes are worth more than a full page advertising.

I am offering REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY in ARCHITECTURE FORMAT which is the best of both worlds and keeps Real Estate Professionals’ needs in the focus — a shot list for achieving the goals is also welcome. I focus on highest quality photography which is a perfect choice for any high-end real estate property or homes with a story that deserve images that distinguish the listing AND the Real Estate firm itself from the rest of the market – I love to work with all companies who want to achieve that goal and want to provide a consistent high-end style and quality across all projects to their clients, and, of course, with home owners who want to go with higher standard photos.

Contact me for a quote

Best form of first-time contact is via email with a brief project description and the intended form of use — That allows me to put a thought into your project and give you a solid estimate / quote! I am responding within a few hours.
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Real ESTATE services & OPTIONS

Summarizing the above information in a brief overview


Recommended for high-end properties

  • Real Estate photos mixed with a feel of Architectural compositions
  • distinguished look & feel
  • selection of angles to choose from
  • detail and close-up shots available
  • shot list can be integrated
  • for Real Estate listings, marketing material online/print etc.
  • Extended usage licensing available
  • Please contact me for a custom quote and let me know the home size and details

Recommended for Architects, Interior Designers, Pro-Stagers, Landscape Architects & Designers, Builders

Actual number of photos depends on project scope, property specifics and number of rooms to be photographed. You can submit a generic shot list (describing which rooms and exteriors) or send a specific custom shot-list and determine the number and type of photos you want, or…, let me handle the creative direction. We will certainly discuss your project and the shots before any project scope is put into writing — it is all about transparency and nobody wants surprises later.
I’ll post-process all delivered photos (enhancing, color and perspective correction). Retouching (modifications etc.) is not included but can be added as a service option. Time on-premises and number of angles per room will depend on the type of photo shoot you are booking.
Approx. number of Interior photos to be expected (and add 1-5 Exterior photos, depending on object):
These a sample numbers for orientation purposes since every home is different and with larger homes usually more connecting spaces and additional amenities come along.

  • Studio: ca. 6 (Standard) / up to 10 photos (Architecture Format)
  • 1 BR: ca. 10 (Standard) / up to 15 photos (Architecture Format)
  • 2 BR: ca. 12 (Standard) / up to 24 photos (Architecture Format)
  • 3 BR: ca. 14 (Standard) / up to 28 photos (Architecture Format)
  • 4 BR: ca. 16 (Standard) / up to 32 photos (Architecture Format)
  • 5 BR and larger: commonly 30+ photos up to 45 photos (Architecture Format)

For Architecture Format photo shoots the number of images is custom / TBD. If you require a certain number of photos please let me know upfront. Also as mentioned, IF you have a shot list I’d like to review it.

Included in my photo shoot pricing: HDR photography, exterior photos, Photoshop appeal-enhancement (but no retouching or compositions), perspective correction, resized (higher resolution and web-use sets), photos ready to use for multiple purposes.
Licensing: depending on project — USAGE RIGHTS LICENSE tailored to your stated photo usage purpose.

These Interior Real Estate packages include up to 5 DAYLIGHT Exterior shots.
For Extended Exterior coverage or Twilight / Drone Exterior see the UPGRADES section further below.

Guest Houses (stand-alone or attached), Finished Basements, Specialty Rooms (game room, workshop, sauna, fitness room/gym, indoor pool, bar, home cinema, underground parking, et cetera), Community features/amenities:
Because of the extra time to photograph and to post-process more images please request a CUSTOM QUOTE and provide me with the necessary information.

What about partial home photography / partial commercial property? That’s basically a custom project, an architectural photo shoot — pricing depends on how many areas you need to be photographed.
Partial means you focus on a particular room (or rooms) or object (stairs, kitchen, patio, etc.), including a selection of perspectives and angles. Contact me for a quote and tell me what rooms / objects you need to be visualized and for what purpose.

Bundling AERIAL photos

  • drone photos: starting at $100.oo+; if you want a quote you need to provide me with the address of the property because I need to check the FAA requirements for that location, e.g. if permits will be required.

Bundling VIDEO Home Tour / Aerial video

  • straight-forward walk-through style or creative approach
  • add aerial video sequences

Read more about Video further down on this page.


 Additional costs if the property has more features or if you need package upgrades:

  • RETURN (2nd visit) to location for alternative / different natural lighting — necessary for high quality coverage of an object: add-on costs are calculated based on time needed for round-trip to / from location plus time needed for photo shoot (creative fee / post production). This is an item that mostly applies to Architectural shoots or Luxury Properties.
  • Twilight HDR photos (exterior):
    as PART of an INTERIOR PHOTO SHOOT or as STAND-ALONE booking: costs depending on the specifics, please contact me with your project description.
  • Aerial Photography, Video and Aerial Video
    Please find bundling details and pricing further below.
  • Different usage licensing: NDA’s which limit photographer’s use of resulting imagery, Exclusiveness, split-cost agreements / 3rd party inclusion, etc.: please detail your needs and I can explain additional costs.
  • Meetings, in-depth discussion & planning, prep, scouting
  • Retouching / Advanced Edit: calculated per image or per hour. Most scenarios allow a per image calculation, commonly $35.oo to $100.oo/image, but difficult edits and of course composites can be more.
  • Travel costs: Local ground-travel may or not be included and depends on the location and overall project scope. Long distance travel: upon agreement / actual costs etc.
  • NDA’s / confidentiality agreements / Copyright agreements: if they alter my copyright or limit my use (like portfolio use etc. ) there will be a surcharge on all pricing involved
  • Night work (7pm to 6am): surcharge will be applied for photographer and crew costs
  • Cost-sharing options: please inquire

Luxury Real Estate, multiple homes or units (e.g. Builders, Realtors):

A custom architecture shoot or real estate photo shoot in architecture format is the recommended way to go — please get in touch, tell me about the details and you’ll get a free quote. Synergy effects can also be considered when multiple units are involved.

Please read: Commercial Photography, Architecture Photography

Exterior Photography (Landscape Design, Buildings, et cetera)

Sometimes a project requires only Exterior photos — that could be the case for landscape companies, landscape architects and designers, and others.
Also, you might want to extend the included exterior photos of my Interior packages which include up to 5 exterior shots in the base pricing. Just contact me and describe your project.

For Exterior Design projects it is a good idea to add AERIAL images and/or video.

Or go directly to: Custom Architecture, Landscape Design, Commercial photography

How to book

How to book & other photography pricing

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