Creative + Art Direction / Freelance Photographer + Creative

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I founded a creative agency 20 years ago and managed it for years – I can help you with strategy planning, project set-up, ideas, art direction, photography, video, and design.

I am also available for corporate in-house projects (temp or part-time) on work-for-hire basis. Or for out-sourcing projects performed by my business DENALImultimedia LLC.

Projects must have a creative aspect and must allow room for creative freedom.

I am experienced and at home in any size of business from small business to corporate environment, agile or formal. 

Full-stack creative and technologist

Full-stack has become a trend term but it describes so nicely the capability of having professional expertise in several (related) skills of a workflow. 

I am a full-stack creative and technologist, I have worked years in technology and creative environment and can build solutions from scratch, from planning, budgeting, coordinating, creating to documenting. Even training. 

Freelance Services / Custom help with your project

Whether you are understaffed or your project needs creative help (planning or hands-on), please contact me with a brief description and as much relative information as possible (also schedule and budget information if available).