• Email: team [followed by the @-sign] denalimultimedia.com
  • Phone: 720-588-9165
  • Physically, my office is located in Longmont, Colorado, which is a few miles north of Denver between Boulder and Ft Collins.

Photography became part of my job about 20+ years ago when I founded a successful creative agency in Munich, Germany, and started to work in the digital world of photography, video, visualization and animation, design and web design —

I worked from my first day on in “Generation-Y” environment, meaning everything digital.
I was an early adopter of digital photo and video cameras, PCs, and mobile solutions.
And I lived through the evolution of digital editing with Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

I am quality-oriented and experienced, so I can work fast. I am punctual and keep deadlines. Reliable. Professional and savvy in any size of business environment from small to enterprise.

My name is Frank Schrader and I founded DENALImultimedia LLC  in 2008 in Colorado, USA. That’s my business entity.

I am German-American. I have a strong German accent. You have been warned 🙂

Whatsoever, … I grew up in Germany and have my roots in those quality and reliability-based business ethics, may be some people call it German quality and business standards.

I am always learning and advancing my skills, it is exciting. I travel intensively because …. work needs a fun side and I work while travelling. I am also a travel blogger. I am involved in many things and causes. I am available for TRAVEL & HIRE. Local & abroad…

Get in touch

Office: 720-five-eight-eight-nine-one-six-five.

I am busy and often on location or traveling.

Ideal is… you send an Email with a good description of your project, the key aspects, and your best contact info. Then I can put some thoughts into your inquiry / question and get back to you with first thoughts. 

Email: TEAM (followed by the @-symbol) DENALImultimedia.com

I am responding fast or at least confirm that I received your message. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, something must have gone wrong. Please re-send your email. While travelling I might not have constant access to my voice mail, therefore I recommend EMAIL as my preferred initial contact.

My Style

Some keywords to describe my overall creative style: ‘authentic, yet creative’, ‘professional’, ‘trend following’, ‘modern’, sometimes ‘minimalistic’.

Aristotle said “We’re what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.” – For more than 20 years I am a photographer, videographer, designer, and technologist.

Digital photography and video is way different from old-school 35mm film photography — nowadays it is also about understanding things like raw footage, digital color correction, bit-depths, perspective correction, color grading, and dozens of other digital post-production techniques. I cannot know everything in the vast and diverse field of photography and video but I constantly learn new things, new technology, adapt workflows to new standards, and expand my expertise where needed.


clients’ voice

“We contacted Frank to photograph our for-sale-by-owner condo after finding his name online.
From the first conversation, he was professional, courteous and responsive.
His expertise and care are evident in the great results.
We’ve viewed many homes for sale and the pictures that Frank took are as excellent as any we’ve seen.
He also took the time to help us with some technical questions after sending us our package.
Frank is a wonderful person with great integrity and skill.
We recommend his work whole-heartedly.” — Robin & Tom, Lyons, Colorado

“I have been working together with Frank since 1998. With his experience he offers fantastic suggestions – which are always improvements on my ideas.
He is not “pushy” – allowing the client to portray themselves as they wish, however his suggestions are really good and they have been advantageous for my business.
He has met every deadline I have given him and he does so within my budget. I especially appreciate his honesty. I highly recommend Frank.” — Susan, Sarasota, Florida

Demo Reel

Check out my demo video reels on the video page: Video Work

or these photography portfolio pages: Photography or Real Estate Photography

or samples of photo retouching: Photo Editing, Retouching

The fields I am working in…

On-Location photography + video:

  • Capturing ‘moments’ of people and pets in a natural way in a favorite environment.
    That makes a photo lively and natural and conserves those moments forever.
  • Real Estate photography + staging photography, renovation, before-after project results
  • businesses (offices / facilities etc.), or people in their business + work environment
  • product photography on-location
  • aerial photography + video
  • Other fields: funeral / memorial services, architecture, fine-art, life-style, crowd-funding vids, documenting work progress and manufacturing processes, visualizing business culture and workflows

On-demand help & lessons

You have a specific, sometimes quick, question about your camera setting? Or an issue editing a photo? Or you want to take a few hours of 1:1 lessons designed to your skill level?

Or have a specific task you want me to do:

Editorial + Travel photography assignments:

  • destination coverage, topic coverage, photo + video: journalistic, documentary style

Studio Photography for Still Objects:

  • like art, products, food , jewelry photography which require time and quietness to produce picture-perfect results.

Editing + Design:

  • editing / enhancing / retouching of photos (‘photoshopping’) -> Photo Editing, Enhancing, Retouching
  • video editing (also for your existing material), video color grading
  • video for web, DVD; format conversions; YouTube
  • design + creation of online and print material like websites and postcards, brochures


Just contact me for an estimate. Email or call me w/ some brief info what you need and when.