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Hello I'm frank
I am a CREATIVE & COMPUTATIONAL photographer.

When the Internet era began, I founded and ran a small but successful creative agency in Munich, Germany, and worked in the digital world of photography, video, visualization and animation, UX /UI, web design, print and corporate design

Nowadays, I am based in the area Longmont / Boulder in Colorado, and I am working as solo creator (and some support from fellow freelancers) in the fields:

  • photography+video [commercial, editorial]
  • production+editing
  • creative direction

I can help you with strategy planning, full production planning and setup, project setup, ideas, art direction, photography, video, and design.

Aristotle said “We’re what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.” – For more than 20 years I am a photographer, videographer, designer, and technologist.


I am quality-oriented and experienced, so I can work fast. I am punctual and keep deadlines.

Reliable, professional and savvy in any size of business environment from small to enterprise-scale and experienced in working directly with clients (business and end-consumer), teams, stakeholders (internal and external), management, and vendors.

I am proficient in all phases of a project: from planning and brainstorming, budgeting, scheduling, risk management and resource planning, communication, client interaction, presentation, production and QA, review and revision process, to delivery, maintenance and training. Yes, documentation as well.

I am German-American – just mentioning because you will notice my accent😊.


Some keywords to describe my overall creative style: authentic, creative, professional, trend following and learning, modern, clean, minimalistic, storytelling, visionary

FRANK SCHRADER — Freelance / Self-employed / Independent Contractor

Creative & Computational photographer — that’s how you would describe what I am doing nowadays.

I worked from my first day on in “Generation-Y” environment, meaning everything digital. I have a formal software engineering education and worked many years as Senior Software Architect and Engineer for enterprise-scale companies. With the dawn of the Internet, I founded a digital creative agency in Munich: I worked in the digital world of photography, video, visualization and animation, UX / UI, print and web design, corporate design. That’s where you learn all the in-and-outs of the industry, from pulling off photo and video shoots to having brainstorming coffee sessions with clients, and creating brand strategies. I can adapt to any environment, from strict and formal to agile, from small biz to corporate.

I have worked in many industries and fields: creative, technology, financial, tourism, health, physiotherapy + fitness, consulting, eCommerce, architecture, food, real estate, retail and probably others.

In 2008 I founded DENALImultimedia LLC in Colorado — it was time to slow down.

I have been always an early adopter of digital photo and video equipment and mobile solutions, and I lived through the evolution of digital workflows with Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro, nowadays the Adobe Creative Suite,  and a lot of other software: whatever is right for the task.


I founded a creative agency in Munich and later in 2008 my new business entity in Boulder, Colorado.
An incomplete list of clients altogether would be: AUDI (Germany), COMPAQ Computers, DHL USA eCommerce (incl. Canada Express), studio 3fold (Boulder, CO), Lawrence and Gómez Architects (Boulder, CO), CSC PLOENZKE AG Wiesbaden ( Worldwide), HYPOVEREINSBANK, … and several Consulting companies and many small business clients and end consumers.

I obtained Brand Management and Project Leadership Certifications, and have experience in all project phases from first client briefings and budgeting to creation, delivery, and team training.

I am self-employed since before 2000 and have been engaged in creative and technology full-time contracting and consulting positions as well in project-based projects for many clients.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Get in touch

Phone Office: 720-588-nine-one-six-five.
Email: TEAM @

Ideal is… if you send an Email with a good description of your project, the key aspects, and your best contact info. Then I can put some thoughts into your inquiry / question and get back to you with first thoughts and/or a quote / estimate.

I am responding fast or at least confirm that I received your message. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, something must have gone wrong: please re-send your email.

While on-location I often can’t take phone calls or can’t take notes or access my calendar… therefore I recommend EMAIL as the preferred initial contact.

Creative Space

Creative Office Space


Frank is a professional photographer with a particularly good eye for architecture. He has helped me see my projects in a new light, suggesting angles for shots, composition of frames, and making adjustments to the staging. He has been very accommodating with his schedule. His post-production work and delivery are always timely. It has been a pleasure to work with Frank. I highly recommend him. — Lawrence and Gomez Architects, Boulder, CO

“I conducted an extensive research effort prior to engaging Frank at DENALImultimedia for my project. Frank is very professional, yet friendly and extremely competent. His knowledge and insight is outstanding and his willingness to “go the extra mile” is demonstrative of the degree to which he is willing to go to ensure the success of the project. His work ethic is of the highest level and his creative skills are extraordinary. Frank offers suggestions to improve the project quality and scope which leads to an excellent end product. The caliber, quantity and level of his work vastly exceeded my expectations. Without reservation, I am happy to recommend Frank for his diligent effort, within budget, while meeting the project timeline.”
— Richard R, Las Vegas / Longmont (job: visualizing property, a task tailored for the perspective of a remote home buyer)

“I have been working together with Frank since 1998. With his experience he offers fantastic suggestions – which are always improvements on my ideas.
He is not ‘pushy’ – allowing the client to portray themselves as they wish, however his suggestions are really good and they have been advantageous for my business.
He has met every deadline I have given him and he does so within my budget. I especially appreciate his honesty. I highly recommend Frank.” — Susan, Sarasota, Florida

“When Frank Schrader first came forward as the person heading the migration of DHL USA’s Intranet content to the Worldwide Deutsche Post Corporate Intranet, he was a little skeptical. Nevertheless, it was his role – and he embraced it. Last week Frank organized and supported a training workshop for over 40 members of the eCommerce team.
It was supposed to be a workshop tailored to Frank’s constituency, but Frank willingly folded others in when the occasion demanded, including the coordinator for all of Express Canada.
Frank administered that support with enthusiasm and grace – from arranging the training, to advocating use of the tool, to ultimately setting Portal standards and administering portions of the Workshop.
Thanks to Frank, the team is now in place – and DPWN can rest assured that there is a contact person that cares about the product and is enthusiastically supporting its administration and growth.” — a press release, DHL USA

“We contacted Frank to photograph our for-sale-by-owner condo after finding his name online.
From the first conversation, he was professional, courteous and responsive.
His expertise and care are evident in the great results.
We’ve viewed many homes for sale and the pictures that Frank took are as excellent as any we’ve seen.
He also took the time to help us with some technical questions after sending us our package.
Frank is a wonderful person with great integrity and skill.
We recommend his work whole-heartedly.” — Robin & Tom, Lyons, Colorado

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