Product Photography

Product Photography
Product Photography

Product photography from small to oversized products.

Small products can be done in the studio and for oversized products like furniture I will perform the photo shoot at your location or place you want them to be photographed. For lifestyle shots where the product shall be shown in USE, the project might require to do the photo shoot outside of the studio environment.

Any product could work: food, jewelry, electronics, clothing, car accessories, cars, furniture, kitchens, floors, … let’s say almost anything.

I’ll offer you my creative advice how to present the product if you do not already have clear ideas.

You’ll get true colors and optimized results. Post-production ranges from standard to creative composites.

Why choose me over other competitors? I am a small business not a mass production company and I do care about my work, want my clients being happy: I am there when you need me, I am flexible and make projects work even if complicated and complex. I am a creative, very diverse and have a vast background knowledge in many areas, not only product photography. I can be a custom solutions provider to help you achieve your goals. You talk to me directly and not a sales person.

Get in touch and describe your project. I get back to you with a quote.

You can start with an informal email and description what you are looking for or if you want a quote, please you read further down HOW THE PROCESS WORKS and provide me with detailed information for a quote.

There are several options for a product shoot:

  • product on 100% (255, 255, 255) white background (like e-Commerce shops / Amazon require it)
  • product on any colored background, white-gray (natural), black, or composite virtual backgrounds
  • product in lifestyle setting (setting resembles how and where product is used or in a studio-staged environment with props)
  • any custom request: prepping and staging in our studio or photographing your product in a lifestyle setting in-studio or outdoors, … or photographing your product on-location, e.g. after you installed it at your customer’s site: furniture, kitchens, stairs, floors, etc. … or if your product is food-related, let’s talk where and how it can be captured best.


All product shoots and requirements are different and it is best to request a custom quote. To give you an idea, here are some ballpark numbers:

White background photos

Pricing for following specs: products dimensions: small [shoe box size, ca. 12x12x12 inch] or medium [ up to 24x24x36 inch];
products with no special difficulties e.g. metal/glass reflection, size / shape, weight; orders with no specific color guide rules e.g. Pantone, etc. — depending on the actual specs those specialty items may cost extra).

1 image only: $59.oo / image
2-5 images: $39.oo / image
6-14 images: $35.oo / image
15-50 images: $30.oo / image
51-99 images: $25 / image
100+ images: request custom quote

Other specs? Sizes? More images / products?

Please request your custom quote by telling us about your products and image requirements.

Included: basic retouching, group shots up to 3 products, color correction, dust removal, resolution min 2500px (long side), pure white background (RGB 255,255,255), drop shadow, cloud delivery, usage rights non-exclusive worldwide.

Black background, colored or digital (art) background

Pricing depends on difficulty of object, lighting effects needed, and type of background. Please request a custom quote!

Custom shoot or Lifestyle images

Costs depend on your shoot list and instructions which in turn are the basis for calculating the time for prep / setup / shooting / post-production. Please describe your project and request a custom quote.
Pricing starts at $250.oo / 1st image and per set-up. Different angles within the same product set-up will benefit from a synergy effect and add only a few dollars per additional image.

On-location photo shoots

Csts depend on your product(s) and time needed on-location plus necessary post-production.

Assembly costs

If your product requires assembly before photographing it we will charge according to the time needed. Please let us know for our quote.

Travel to on-location photo shoots for custom projects

Please let us know and we reflect that in the quote.



This is the phase you need to go through if you want a QUOTE for your project.

1 – Make a list of ITEMS you will eventually send us and give each item a NAME or SKU (e.g. BRAKE-CANTILEVER, BOTTLE, #123, SHIRT, RED-SHIRT) – that helps us to identify the items for the photos.
a) Describe condition of each item (e.g. new, light tear and wear, or other): we inspect the condition when the item arrives later.
b) Mention if assembly is required

Tell us HOW SOON you need the IMAGES. Standard turn-around time is 5-7 days after receiving items and down-payment, however lifestyle and otherwise custom shots can be longer — once we know all the details of your order we can give you an estimate.

3 – Create a SHOT LIST (how many images, what items, grouping, angles, reference photos)

PHOTO #1 (… and repeat this for all PHOTOS you will order)
a) give the photo a descriptive nickname (e.g. front-shirt, backside-#123, vertical-90-degree of red-shirt)
b) which product(s), e.g. SHIRT or #123
c) TAKE a cellphone photo roughly showing your desired angle or grouping.

d) NOTES and INSTRUCTIONS: tell us about your concerns and emphasis for this product.
Comment and make clear what is important / not important regarding the cell phone picture you took, e.g. “make sure the embossed model name is visible in the shot, better than in this photo” or “do (do not) show the cord” etc.
Tell us anything that you think is relevant for us in order to shoot the product in the way you want it.

e) (optional but preferred for custom and lifestyle shots)
Sample images: PROVIDE us with reference images of scenes you like for that shot. Look around on the Internet and send us the photo or URL. Note: we do not guarantee to match the reference samples 100% — they are just a way to lead the way.



  • ship your items with your preferred carrier and consider TRACKING and INSURANCE
  • if you are a local customer we can discuss to arrange drop-off or pickup


  • please provide us also with a paid return shipping label.
  • Or tell us how you want the items be returned and we will get a quote for that. We do require upfront payment of any such shipping costs.

Or tell us if you do not want the items back.
If items belong to the category FOOD or are perishable, by default, we do not return those unless otherwise agreed on.

We are not responsible for any damaged items due to shipping / packaging.


After reading your instructions we might have questions and we need a written answer or a clarifying cell phone picture to go ahead and prepare the quote.
Sometimes we also need clarification during the PRODUCTION PHASE and we will need a written feedback from you to continue. Delays on your side will extend the promised turn-around time!



UPON ARRIVAL of the ITEMS we will inspect them regarding condition and check if complete according to your item list and shot list

You make your down-payment for the photo shoot order (plus other possible add-on charges like shipping costs, assembly costs, travel costs, model hire, etc. which are itemized on the quote) which marks the INITIATION of the project. Turn-around time starts at that point. Down-payment is non-refundable. Add-on costs are non-refundable.

We take the photos according to your SHOT LIST.

We upload the images (watermarked) into a cloud space where you can review them.
If you find flaws that we are responsible for then we will fix them or reshoot for free.
If you change your mind about a certain shot (aka. if we did everything correct according to your instructions but you had forgotten something to say… or you change your mind completely) we can do a PAID reSHOOT.

We DO NOT guarantee that our result match the reference photos 100% — we promise we do our best to get it as close as possible but we do not aim at copying other scenes or photos.
Free reshoots based on saying our results are not a 100% reference photo match are not possible. Reference photos are used for a general guidance and you do not want to copy a competitor ;-), however you can point out in your instructions if a certain style or element requires a match, e.g. “thumb must be on button”, “display must read …”.


Assuming you are happy with the results:

a) you APPROVE the ORDER
b) you make your REST-PAYMENT
c) we upload the photos to the cloud (not watermarked); you can download them and we guarantee storage for at least 6 months.

If you want to reject the results:
That is possible for many reasons and may be you just do not need the images any longer.
Your downpayment is non-refundable — up to this point we have put time and effort into the photo shoot and we had costs.
There’s no further payment or cancellation fee to be paid on your side and no obligations on your or our side. We, however, if the RETURN SHIPPING costs had been covered by you, send back your items.

We return your items if that was agreed on according to the return shipping method we discussed.

Justin Real Industrial Furniture, Loveland, Colorado
Photo shoot of our client’s furniture installation at a bistro (Justin Real Industrial Furniture, Loveland, Colorado)
Product Photography: Jewelry, Gold and Diamonds (Cartier Bracelet)
Product Photography: Jewelry, Gold and Diamonds (Cartier Bracelet)
Product Photography: white or colored background
Product Photography: white or colored background (Swatch Collection, Switzerland)
Product Photography: SWATCH Collection
Product Photography: SWATCH Collection
Product Photography: Diamond Star / Gold Ring
Product Photography: Diamond Star / Gold Ring
Product Photography: knife on black background
Product Photography: knife on black background (Farberware)
Flying Sandwich
Creative presentation of sandwich freshness, here the Flying Sandwich project for Italian Sandwich
Espresso / Cafe
Espresso / Café (Alessi)
Product Photography: hand bag (emanuel ungaro)
Product Photography: hand bag (emanuel ungaro)
Visual Design Consulting, Marketing Material Design, Product Photography
Visual Design Consulting, Marketing Material Design, Product Photography for Cannabis
Food Photography
Food Photography
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake, Food Photography
Almost done: some heavy cream on top
Almost done: some heavy cream on top to create a White Russian (Kahl’ua / Absolut)
Product Photography: HB Collectibles on virtual background
Product Photography: HB Collectibles on virtual background
Product Photography
Product Photography, Justin Real Industrial Edge Furniture, Loveland, Colorado
Justin Real Industrial Edge Furniture
Justin Real Industrial Edge Furniture
Justin Real Industrial Furniture, Loveland, Colorado
Justin Real Industrial Furniture, Loveland, Colorado
Industrial-style Steel/Wood Staircase
Industrial-style Steel/Wood Staircase
Product Photography: jewelry item on white background
Product Photography: jewelry item on white background
Product Photography: Black Leather Dining Chair. 3 angles composite
Product Photography: Black Leather Dining Chair. 3 angles composite