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Food and Beverage Photography

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Food photography is a diverse field and every single project is of course different. For a quote please email us some details and information about what you are looking for, see following some input as a starter…

There are different types of food photography, among them…


  • pre-prepared or packaged food, ready to be styled and photographed: cookies, chocolate, cakes, desserts, salads, veggies, cheeses, etc.
  • fresh prepared food: requires a chef and stylist who cooks the food and styles it.

With beverages it is the same thing…


  • bottled beverages: ready to be styled and photographed
  • beverages / drinks that require fresh preparation / styling: cocktails for example

More information

Many packaged food products or beverages can be handled like any other product photo shoot. See some information here on the page Product Photography [Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Denver area or via shipment]

Frank Schrader
Creative & Computational Photographer

Get in touch

Email for a free quote: team [followed by @-sign]

Free, uncomplicated & quick estimate

Just put in writing what you need and want to accomplish, we respond quickly and at least give you a rough idea about costs in case you are vague about details. Our pricing follows our price list according to the time needed to fulfill your request, no magic, no tricks. Once we both are clear about the detailed project scope, you’ll get our very accurate estimate — no obligations. We need all your input in writing; we cannot provide quotes or estimates over the phone.


There’s no generic way to tell what 1 image will cost — as so often, it depends on the details.

To create a quote for you project I need to determine how much time and effort will be put into the project to get real beautiful results.


Budgetary considerations

We all need to be realistic about expectations and pricing, it doesn’t make sense for me to quote you a creative photo shoot (which requires an investment in time for planning, styling, props, post-production, etc.)… if you know from the get-go that your budget is very limited.

Let’s work within the constraints of a given budget: if you have a budget, please let me know what it is OR indicate that your budget is flexible.
For a given budget I will put into my quote what I can do for you within that budget.

If you have a flexible budget OR if you just have no idea what the costs would be (which is fully acceptable) I will take all your described project expectations and specifics into account in order to deliver what you have imagined. I will calculate the time needed plus possible extra costs. Based on that estimate we’ll see if you are feeling comfortable with the quote or if we can find alternative and less time-consuming paths to may be lower the estimate.


How to get a quote

You need to provide me with some essential information first and then we can get back to you with follow-up questions and prepare a custom quote.


  1. What is the food / beverage item you want to be photographed. That should also answer the queston if the food needs fresh preparation.
  2. Can the food be taken to our studio or needs it to be photographed on-location? May be in kitchen environment with a chef? Or showing the setting of the bar-restaurant or shop or production facility?
  3. How many images do you need and for what purpose (like eCommerce, product website, print advertising, certain audience etc.)
  4. Describe what you are looking for: May be a CREATIVE SHOT (item shall may be photographed in lifestyle atmosphere, or conveying a certain mood or color mood, etc.)? Or are you looking for a WHITE BACKGROUND shot? Any specific surfaces or backgrounds desired? Do we have creative freedom?
  5. Do you have a SHOT LIST: describing what the image(s) must show or include and if there are specific angles needed. E.g. “Energy Bar with packaging”, “Energy Bar unwrapped and broken in half”, “Whole Cake from above”, “Cake with one piece cut”, “Cake with a table setting”etc.
  6. Do you have Sample images? Styles and scenes you like? Forward those as well!

Those are some questions to start with – depending on your specific product there will be likely more questions and we will discuss those.


Get in touch

Email for a free quote: team [followed by @-sign]

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