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Photography lessons, Learning and On-demand help with questions and issues


On-demand project help & Training lessons

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Custom Freelance help with your project

Whether you are understaffed or your project needs creative help or guidance (planning or hands-on), please contact me with a brief description and as much relative information as possible (also schedule and budget information if available).
See more: Freelance Services for creative projects, Creative Direction and hands-on

Learning in 1:1 training lessons

On-Demand Training / Lessons / 1:1 training sessions for local clients in my area: Longmont.

E.g. Digital Photography, Camera settings, Organizing Photos, Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom software lessons, Video editing, Color Correction, etc.
OR… your specific topic of interest


$80.oo to 120.oo/hr, depending on the topic; Most training scenarios will require a minimum of 2 hours.
Please inquire for your topic of interest and I’ll provide you with my feedback and an estimate.

Assistance with questions and smaller things

For local clients in-person OR clients anywhere via Email / Skype / phone.

E.g. when you have smaller things to clarify like a specific camera setting and what it does, or you can’t figure out something in Lightroom, or whatever your specific question is.

That is a very flexible service and can range from a quick question that I can answer quickly OR you might be asking for more complex tasks like retouching, assisting with a slideshow creation, etc. which might take an hour or more.

Email me your question and I will take a look at it…  Only if I know the answer or solution I will tell you that I have the answer for you and I’ll tell you my price, which reflects the time needed for me to research, explain and/or write down the answer.
If I do not know the answer or if my time schedule doesn’t allow me to take on more projects and questions, I will get back to you and decline.

There’s a rule and that says that there’s nothing that can be done in 5 minutes, even the smallest task. That is correct because if you consider you need to read the question, research, provide feedback about the solution and pricing, and deliver the result.

Having said that,… pricing is $80.oo / hour and minimum is 15 minutes (~$20.oo). From there I am calculating in 15 minutes increments.

Ask your question and I’ll give you my estimate.

Get in touch

Office: 720-five-eight-eight-nine-one-six-five.

I am busy and often on location or traveling — leave a voice mail or talk to my assistant.

Ideal is… you send an Email with a good description of your project. Then I can put some thoughts into your inquiry / question and get back to you with first thoughts.

Email: team (followed by the @-symbol)

I am responding fast or at least confirm that I received your message. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, something must have gone wrong. Please re-send your email.


Test-drive Lightroom and Photoshop as a Trial version?

Download Trial versions of Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC :
Lightroom CC


I am providing this link to Adobe and if you buy the product I might get a small commission — HOWEVER, the products or subscriptions do NOT cost you anything more.

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