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Commercial photography custom projects are a fit for: any business from retail to manufacturing and services:
architects, builders, restaurants, craftsmen, designers, hospitality industry, service industry, manufacturing industry, landscape architects, commercial facilities, …businesses in general.

These photo shoots are fully customizable and all quotes are custom quotes.
I just need you to send me your project brief with an overview, project details, shot list, goals, planned usage, cost-sharing options, schedule / deadlines, budget info, style reference / moodboard… and so on, whatever is available, and we can go from there to determine the scope and costs.

If you are looking for PRODUCT / FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, please look here for specialized information: PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY photo shoot

If you are looking for a streamlined, standardized or creative REAL ESTATE photo shoot for high value properties, please look here: REAL ESTATE photo shoot

Frank Schrader
Chief Creative Mind

Commercial Photography Pricing Insight

I need to know your goals and learn as much as possible about your project, product, and company.
To start the conversation a project description and a shot list would be ideal, and you can compose it in many ways, either detailed lists or if you are better in telling the story of the project ‘free style’, please do so.

Commercial projects, depending on nature and complexity, have tasks during multiple stages: planning, production / photo shoot, post-production, revision and review cycles. If you need highest quality outcome, commercial projects require diligence and time during all stages. It is very important that I can understand your goals, product, company, audience and get as much insight as possible into the question what you are aiming at. Your mood boards and style-refs will help me doing so.

Correct usage licensing info is important in order to right-size the licensing part and therefore avoiding any misunderstanding, over-pricing, and so on. Please elaborate in your request for an estimate on commercial and / or editorial use (if you feel savvy regarding that topic, otherwise I’ll be happy to explain everything to you). 

My estimate takes into calculation: your input and description of project, the estimated scope, the goal, the shot list, the expected # of photos / outcome, production complexity and post-production needs. Please also mention in your request whether other professionals like designers, contact persons, 3rd parties, advisors, models, etc. will be on-location during the photo shoot.

More insight into custom photo shoots:

Retouching / Advanced Edit: calculated per image OR per hour. Some scenarios allow a per image calculation, commonly in the range of $35.oo to $100.oo per image. Bulk discounts for applying synergy effects possible.

Difficult, complex edits and composites can take hours to complete and therefore post-production can be a substantial part of the costs.

Travel costs:
Local ground-travel may or not be included and depends on the overall project scope.
Long distance travel: upon agreement / actual costs etc.

Usage Licensing: depends on client’s needs and is fully flexible.

NDA’s / confidentiality agreements (if required) may involve a surcharge on respective pricing if image licensing is concerned, e.g. copyright owner’s usage restrictions, full exclusivity or IP buyout. However, many ‘confidential information’ scenarios usually not incur any additional costs.

Night work (7pm to 6am): surcharge depends on what is involved in the project, e.g. photographer’s and assistant’s costs are a part we do control but models and external resources are unpredictable and can only be determined on a case-by-case basis .

Cost-sharing option: available, please inquire



The information above about Commercial Photography in general is valid for the Architectural Photography shoot as well. Here are some additional information:

Architects, builders, Interior Designers and other professions want photos for their portfolio, marketing, bids, contests, and publishing. The time allocated for Architectural photography depends on many factors, among them the complexity of the project, the goals. A shot list is a valuable tool.

Solid, full coverage is commonly on half- or day-rate basis, however, mini and partial projects might be possible and available on an hourly rate basis.

An Architectural Photo Shoot will lead to diverse, refined, high-end results because I have enough time to create results that are adequate for important projects. That leads to a cohesive look & feel of the images, let’s call it the architectural magazine style with a strong branding message.

Post-processing: standard enhancement of images like perspective correction, color and WB correction is included in the base pricing but any ADVANCED post-processing or composites will be calculated as an extra line item on my invoices / quotes.

Time on-location to do the job right:
Lighting conditions are very important for architectural projects, interior and exterior. Full coverage of a project might require full day sessions or multiple visits to capture everything at its peak.
I might opt for tethered shoots to verify shots on-location. I need time to evaluate, modify, and optimize angles as needed for cohesiveness and story. I want to identify ideal Hero shots and decide for the best framing of that particular scene or give your designer perfect options to choose from.

Please detail in your quote request whether other professionals like Interior Designers, Pro-Stagers, 3rd parties, advisors, etc. will be on-location during the photo shoot.

Multiple Visits to location for alternative / different natural lighting — either multiple visits or full day coverage may be necessary for high quality coverage of object: possible add-on costs are calculated based on time/mileage for round-trip to / from location (travel time fee) plus time needed for photo shoot activity (creative fee).

Licensing: tailored licenses for your specific use could be more efficient than costly all-included licenses. I understand how beneficial publishing (editorial use) of the images could be for an architect and builder and actually editorial national coverage is more valuable than expensive advertising. If you intend to use images for publishing please let me know that editorial use next to commercial use is desired.

Some general, more technical overview background information about what is important for architectural photos can be found in my article: Architecture Photography

Exterior Photography (Landscape Design, Buildings, Outdoors, et cetera)

For Exterior projects it is a good idea to add AERIAL images and/or video. See pricing for bundling with a photo/video shoot further below.

Exterior projects are a quite diverse field and it is difficult to cover all aspects or general pricing here: backyard landscaping, kids treehouses and playgrounds, golf courses, commercial and residential common areas, park and trail head design, patios, views, outdoor kitchens, pools, and so on. Lighting conditions are very important for exterior projects. Full coverage of a project might require full day sessions or multiple visits.


ESTIMATES, QUOTES and how to start the conversation

No worries if you aren’t familiar with any terms and procedures in this industry — I’ll be happy to explain things and clarify any of your questions.



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