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Architecture + Real Estate Photography
Twilight / Exterior Photography
Residential Exterior
Residential Exterior
Tree House
Tree House
Landscape Architecture: public park
Landscape Architecture / Golf Course Design
Landscape Architecture / Golf Course Design
Residential Landscaping
Architecture and Landscape Design
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Landscape Architecture: public park
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Traditional, cottage-style turquois-white kitchen with feel-good ambience
Kitchen - Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
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Architecture + Design, Exteriors + Landscape Design, Commercial

Related services: Advanced photo editing / enhancing / retouching

This information is relevant for a variety of projects that might be Exterior Only projects — however, if you have Interiors to cover as well, this type of photography project covers that as well. The overall umbrella name I want to use is ARCHITECTURE+DESIGN PROJECTS. If your project does not fall into a narrower REAL ESTATE photo shoot you’ll be likely fall into the ARCHITECTURE+DESIGN category.

These photo shoots are fully customizable and all quotes are custom quotes.
I just need you to send me your project description and scope and we can go from there.

This type of project is a fit for: architects, builders, landscape companies, landscape architects, interior designers, commercial facilities, remodelers, and many others. Basically it is a placeholder for any custom project.

Pricing Overview: photography

Mini/Small projects: 1 hr or 1.5hrs: $22o.oo-330.oo
Small/Medium projects 2, 3 hrs: $44o.oo – $66o.oo
Half-day (4hrs) rate is: $8oo.oo
Larger projects, more than Half-day: $2oo.oo / hour

Included in my photo shoot pricing: HDR photography, Photoshop-enhancement, perspective correction, resized (hi-resolution and web-use sets), photos ready to use for multiple purposes. And a FULL USAGE RIGHTS LICENSE for you!

Bundling AERIAL photos

  • drone photos: starting at $85.oo+

Bundling VIDEO and Aerial video

  • depends on project scope and goals
  • Video-Only projects? See VIDEO

Please send me your project details for a custom quote: Contact

Exterior Photography (Landscape Design, Buildings, et cetera)

For Exterior Design projects it is a good idea to add AERIAL images and/or video. See pricing for bundling with a photo/video shoot further below.

Pricing starts at $220.oo for small stand-alone Exterior projects (no Aerial images included, but you can upgrade).
— Twilight photos are a different upgrade.

Please send me your project details for a custom quote: Contact

More Details about custom photo shoots:

Architectural photography / Commercial photography

I need to know your goals, and the details you want to feature. A shot list would be ideal, but you can compose it in many ways, either detailed lists or if you are better in telling the story of the place ‘free style’ please do so — I just need to know where your focus lies. These projects get more time during all stages: planning, photo shoot, post-production. If you need highest quality outcome, this is the way to go.

My estimate takes into calculation: your input and description of project, the estimated scope, the goal, the expected # of photos / outcome, post-production needs.

Mini/Small projects: 1 hr or 1.5hrs: $22o.oo-330.oo
Small/Medium projects 2, 3 hrs: $44o.oo – $66o.oo
Half-day (4hrs) rate is: $8oo.oo
Large projects, more than Half-day: $2oo.oo / hour


  • Photo Editing (images are enhanced, optimized)
  • certain # of digital photos: depends strongly on project type, agreement, and time for planning / producing shots
  • Full Usage Rights License

Retouching / Advanced Edit: calculated per image or per hour. Most scenarios allow a per image calculation, commonly $35.oo/image, but difficult/complex edits can be more.

Travel costs: ground-travel (in the vicinity) 30 miles round-trip included and beyond that $1 per mile. For all other travel requirements, please inquire.

NDA’s / confidentiality agreements (if required) involve a 50% surcharge on all pricing.

Night work (7pm to 6am): surcharge of 30% per hour.

Multiple Visits to location for alternative / different natural lighting — may be necessary for high quality coverage of object: add-on costs are calculated based on time/mileage for round-trip to / from location plus time needed for photo shoot (creative fee / session fee).

Custom photo shoot
You can right-size the project scope to your needs and project size, create a shot list or punch lists, and more.

Note 1: You define the scope of the photo shoot. Pricing is depending on time needed on location and for post-production.

  • CUSTOM coverage: starts as MINI/SMALL project / 1hr minimum: $220.oo. Commonly 1.5 to 2 hrs can be calculated for small projects.

Scope of project is flexible and will be outlined before project start.

Please send me your project details for a custom quote: Contact

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