How to book

  • 1. Contact me (EMAIL: TEAM [followed by @-symbol] and tell me WHAT you need, WHERE, and WHEN.Please be as specific as possible. I prefer that you email me the details so I can put a thought into it before I get back to you. Phone calls are fine as well, but often I am in the middle of a project or on-location and can’t take notes or discuss details on-the-fly.
  • Once I know enough about your project I’ll give you an estimate AND we’ll discuss the details of your project and a possible schedule. I’ll send you some paperwork, called Service Agreement, which is basically the work order and details the project scope & schedule and the terms.
  • 2. You sign the agreement (either via instant digital signature or paper) AND yo make a down payment which confirms/reserves the photo/video shoot date/time
  • 3. Rest-payment is due at the time of the photo/video shoot or earlier (as outlined in the paperwork)
  • 4. Delivery of the ready-to-use, post-processed photos / video in accordance with the agreed turn-around timeframe

Note: Pricing and conditions are subject to change – please verify and confirm with me before booking. E&OE.

Included in pricing

  • General pre-project consultation (phone or email: clarifying your goals, specifics, quantities, project in general, etc.). Not included (and considered an extra service) is a detailed, in-depth discussion of project details, e.g. discussing punch lists, planning, and meetings.
  • Full usage rights for client, after payment is received in full. Service agreement will detail that topic.
  • ‘Cloud’ delivery
  • Local Travel costs included up to 30 miles round-trip; more details further below on this page.

=> in photo shoot projects

  • Resizing images according to your needs (sizes must be described in the contract / agreement)
  • Photo editing (post-processing ‘Level-1′, see definition at the end of this page): images will be photoshopped to ENHANCE the appeal

=> in video projects

That varies and depends so much on the type of the project. I’ll tell you once you contact me regarding an estimate.

PHOTOGRAPHY package pricing for REAL ESTATE projects

REAL ESTATE or STAGING & comparable projects

For general further info on those type of project please see also:
Real-Estate Photography, Staging, Interior Design, Builders, and Architects

All Projects

Photos for Portfolios, Print Brochures, Magazines, Real Estate listings, websites, etc.

You’ll get all images that turn out well and make sense.

Post-processed to optimize (enhance) appeal. Full Usage rights. Resized.

  • 1-2 BR (standard): $180.oo to $200.oo
  • 3 BR homes: $220.oo
  • 4 BR homes: $260.oo+
  • 5+ BR homes: starting at $300.oo, please inquire

SELECTIVE areas or rooms, maybe of interest for showcasing projects starts at $180.oo, depending on project details

Discounts: for returning clients / multiple project orders / based on order volume. Please inquire.


  • HIGH-END / LUXURY / SHOWCASE / DETAIL package: add +30% for 1-4 BR and add +50% for 5+ BR homes.
  • Finished basements: plus $20.00 / per room
  • Community / home amenities like, pools, gyms, club-house, large properties and estates:add $30.oo+ / per amenity
  • Help/Support with Zillow listings: $120.oo
  • Twilight photos (interior or exterior) or Golden hour shoots (exterior)
    add-on price OCT-FEB (Winter): $100.oo;
    STAND-ALONE twilight exterior photos (==no interior photos): $150.ooadd-on price MAR-SEP (Summer): $150.oo;
    STAND-ALONE twilight exterior photos (==no interior photos): $200.oo
Add-ons for complex, or large projects: meetings, in-depth discussion & planning, prep

More complex, high-stake, or larger projects, often require a meeting, punch-list, in-depth discussion / consultation, planning of some kind, prep-work.

$95.oo / hour

RETOUCHING (often ‘modifying reality’, ‘optimizing reality’, etc.) goes extra.

PHOTOGRAPHY package pricing for PETS, HORSES projects

PETS, HORSES $200.oo for an up to 90-minutes session

I am an animal lover and want to offer this discounted rate. We meet either at your place or a park or open space, wherever your pet feels comfortable.


  • All images that turn out well, actual # of img is depending on “cooperation” of pet
  • Note: photographer cannot influence pet’s posing too much and that certain desired poses might not happen in the allocated time-frame. Most pets do what they want during a photo session but that creates wonderful natural scenes and photos.
  • 1 or 2 pets plus owner, if desired


Session $220.oo per session hour; min. 1.o hour; THEN in 30 min increments;

HALF-DAY (4 hrs): $800.oo

FULL-DAY (8 hrs): $1600.oo

Multi-Day / custom assignments incl. travel: please inquire.

Night Work hours between 7pm and 7am: a surcharge will be applied and reflected in my quote.

The SESSION PRICING MODEL covers all types of projects that are not available as PACKAGE PRICING projects.


Session pricing shall not be confused with Hourly Rate: a session is not only about the time needed to take photos. Sessions are comprised of multiple tasks e.g. pre-production tasks, taking photos, staging, post-production tasks, equipment set-up / breakdown, admin, etc… A session hour typically results in several work hours.

  • includes PHOTOSHOPPING / POST-PROCESSING level-1 which is fine-tuning / enhancing the photo (see definition* further below on this page)
  • Photographer selects up to 30 images (per hour photo shoot) for post-processing and client presentation. Please note that the actual # of images can be higher but also lower, e.g. the photo shoot required lots of set-up / prepping / staging or the scene was difficult to create or considered unique (like a specific sport scenes etc.).
  • Client must state clearly IF there is a specific # of photos REQUIRED as outcome
  • Client must provide a shooting task/punch list IF certain scenes are a must-have. Such requirement list is in generell a good idea and standard for larger, complex projects.
  • uploading to a cloud service in order to allow client online access / download

*Definition Post-Processing

  • level-1 post-processing (a.k.a. standard): enhancing the photo for a better appeal: color & contrast, perspective correction etc. That is NOT retouching in the sense of a.k.a. modifying, changing, removing objects etc..
  • level-2 post-processing (a.k.a. advanced): improving and modifying reality, emphasizing, retouching, effects, etc.


Please find some information here: AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEO or contact me with your project details and I’ll get back to you.

VIDEO pricing

Please find some information here VIDEO work or contact me with your project details and I’ll get back to you.

pricing in general

TURN-AROUND TIME for photography

Standard delivery is within 2-5 days; usually it takes 48 hrs but it’s not guaranteed, see below:

2 Day Definition: earliest delivery within 48 hrs after photo shoot ends but weekends and holidays may increase the processing time) —

The following options are rush-delivery options you may choose:

Same Day
(Note: not always possible, please inquire)
+ $120.oo
guaranteed Next Day (24 hrs after photo shoot ends)
(Note: not always possible, please inquire)
+ $75.oo
guaranteed within 48 hrs after photo shoot ends, even if weekends follow the date of the photo shoot.
(Note: not always possible, please inquire)
+ $50.oo

TURN-AROUND TIME for video projects

Depends on the type of project.

Full production project: requires a booking well in advance because there’s more planning and pre-tasks involved. Actual turn-around time is dependent on the complexity of the project, but it will be 7 business days+.

Other projects: Standard turn-around time is 3-5 business days but can be longer, depending on the project scope.

Once I know what your project is about, I can estimate the actual turn-around time.


Cloud delivery / DOWNLOAD: included / free
USB Flash Drive delivery: $25.oo / per USB stick
DVD delivery: not available


  • TRAVEL: up to 30 mi drive round-trip included; beyond that [add $1.oo per mile of round-trip]
  • Long distance travel: upon agreement / actual costs etc.


  • RETOUCHING: e.g. removing objects, smoothing skin, sharpening, improving [costs vary and depend on tasks; starting at $95 / per task.]
  • Photo Restoration / Repair: [costs vary and depend on tasks; starting at $95 / per task.]
  • Panorama images [add $45 per scene]
  • Twilight (dusk/dawn shoots) for Real Estate: see Real Estate Package Pricing further up
  • Twilight (dusk/dawn shoots) for Architectural photo shoots OR other objects / subjects: please inquire.
  • Hourly rate in general: depending on task type: $95.oo – $120.oo. Calculated / billed in 30-minutes increments. Note: ‘session’ pricing is something different because sessions are comprised of multiple tasks e.g. taking photos, post-processing tasks, set-up, admin, etc.
  • STUDIO Still images for PRODUCTS: either session pricing or per image pricing ($50 set-up plus $15 to $30/image, depending on difficulty of object: e.g. reflection issues)
  • On-Demand Training / Lessons (e.g. photography, Organizing Photos, Photoshop software, video editing, etc.): $95.oo/hr (beginner level), $120.oo/hr (advanced topics). Minimum 2 hours. 1:1 training sessions. Please inquire if you are looking for classroom sessions.
  • Photo slide show: delivered as a video file. [Note: duration is roughly ca. 1 min per 15 images]
    up to 30 images: $95.oo; then $2.50/photo. 1 Text Title Overlay included — more titles are an add-on and costs depend on details.
  • Complex Photo/video slide-show (movie): delivered as a video file. E.g. telling someone’s ‘Story of Life’ with a rich mix of still photos and may be video sequences. Costs depend on material and length of resulting video. Sometimes a personal meeting is required, but often not. For a free quote, please write me an email with details like ‘how much material you have; what type of material; do you have music?; or do you have a story written down?’
  • Music overlay: $ 15.oo extra / per title or song (royalty free music of our choice OR YOUR music); you can deliver own music but you must confirm in writing that it is your sole responsibility to research and obtain licenses if necessary and that you are allowed to use the music – however, we do not verify that.
  • Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints: please inquire
  • Editorial Assignments: Per Day Rates or Project Pricing — please inquire

further booking info


A down payment is required to reserve photographer’s time for performing the described service and/or the dates and times of the photo-shooting.

  • photography: 10% non-refundable down-payment (but at least $50.oo) will be required at the time of booking. Only after receiving the down-payment the appointment date/time is reserved & confirmed.
  • video projects: 10% non-refundable down-payment (but at least $200.oo) will be required at the time of booking. Only after receiving the down-payment the production date/time is reserved & confirmed. Further payments will be required before starting pre-production, production, post-production, and other possible phases.
  • Downpayment / payments can be made via PAYPAL OR by phone with a CC OR by CC payment of Square invoice OR by Check (if time allows for it)
  • Rest-Payment for photo shooting is expected at time of the photo shooting or earlier. Cash or CC accepted.
  • Rest-Payment and a possible payment schedule in general varies for other project types. A payment schedule will be outlined in your estimate.


  • RESCHEDULING: client must notify photographer and re-schedule at least 4 hrs before the appointment date/time — otherwise client forfeits the made down-payment which will be used as cancellation fee. New appointment must be within 4 weeks. Re-scheduling possible 1-time.
  • CANCELLATIONS/ NO-SHOW: the down-payment cannot be refunded.
  • The deposit / down payment client had made will be refunded if, in the unlikely event, photographer cancels for any reason.


  • level-1 post-processing (a.k.a. standard): enhancing the photo for a better appeal: color & contrast, etc. No retouching (a.k.a. modifying, changing, removing objects etc.).
  • level-2 post-processing (a.k.a. advanced): improving and modifying reality, emphasizing, retouching, effects, etc.


  • After full payment of the Services the photographer transfers ownership and usage rights to client in the following form:
    No restrictions on the usage rights in terms of where or when the client can use the photos. In brief, that means, after you paid for the photos you can do with them whatever you want to.


  • DELAYS-ON-LOCATION:Client and I agree that cooperation and punctuality are essential to accomplish the goals and wishes of all parties.
    Photo and video Shooting commences at the scheduled start time and ends at the scheduled end time.In case I arrive at location and cannot start working because of any delays (e.g. no-show of any required individual, object not ready, and any other delay reason) prior or during the photo shooting … an hourly rate of $120 will be charged, calculated in 15-minutes increments.
    Such fee is due prior to photo shooting start or during the session if it occurs after session start.
    That means that CLIENT grants us (DENALImultimedia LLC) the right to use the completed project and/or preliminary designs/sketches for the purpose of design competitions, photo competitions, portfolios, future publications on design, educational editorial purposes, and otherwise.
    Excluding/rejecting the showcase permission might result in a confidentiality surcharge which is 25% of the project price.In general, such fee is NOT applied to following projects:
    – Real Estate projects, if client requests to just NOT show the property address.- Funerals
    – Beauty projects / skin retouching
    – photographing ‘trade secrets’ and security sensitive areas like certain production processes, rooms, installations, etc.
    Please inquire. The fee could be waived for some projects if parts can still be used by photographer for showcase purposes.See also CONFIDENTIALITY below.
    It is client’s responsibility to clearly state the confidential nature of all information which client provides. Our photography services agreement further details that topic. If client requires, an NDA can be added but that fact shall be disclosed before I offer services and compile a quote / proposal / photography services agreement. If an NDA request is made after the photography services agreement (including pricing) has been compiled and/or presented to client it will expire and offered services and pricing have to undergo a revision process.
  • Weather:
    For certain on-location projects please consider to re-schedule the appointment early when the weather is forecasted as too bad. BUT the choice is yours.

That is an overview/excerpt of the some important items of the agreement I will send you over for your in-depth review.