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Get a FREE estimate

The process, explained:


To start the conversation … Send us your Project Brief / RFP to: team [followed by the @-sign]

and tell us about your project.

  1. Tell us WHAT you need, WHERE, and WHEN.
    Please be as specific as possible — include a project overview, deadlines and schedules, a shot list, mood board / style ref, and budget information, … if available.
  2. Please include your planned usage information for licensing: Commercial / Editorial / Personal Use? — in which media do you plan to use the work results? — will 3rd parties use the images? — is cost-sharing a topic you are interested in?
    In a professional environment you will always stumble upon those ‘license fees’ which are part of any project, and the overall pricing adapts to the actual licensing needs and therefore makes pricing individual and not generic or overpriced. Our estimate will detail the license attributes. A default license is always included in the project / estimate. Please let us know if it should be a separate line item.
  3. Client must state if NDA’s or similar things are required — those will sometimes influence on the estimate.

Please EMAIL all the details so we can put a thought into it before getting back to you. Having things in writing can also prevent misunderstandings.

Phone calls regarding a project: It’s not feasible and accurate to provide on-the-fly quotes or estimates over the phone.

For just a general price idea, you’ll find much information on our website.



Once we have gathered enough information about your project, our professional estimate will be created — we can discuss details, upgrades, downgrades, and the schedule.

The estimate will be based on your project brief — if budget information is included in your brief, we will try to offer solutions to fit that budget, however, sometimes expectations and initial budget might be out-of-sync and we need to work on right-sizing the project to create the best possible outcome that works for both of us.



After we have clarified the project scope, schedule, licensing, pricing etc., you’ll receive some paperwork, called Service Agreement, which is the work order.
That document can be eSigned.
Then, you need to make the agreed on advance payment which confirms / reserves the photo/video shoot date/time. Projects cannot be initiated or started before receiving that payment.


STEP Production, Revision, Delivery

  • Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production according to agreement.
  • Review / Revision phase as discussed.
  • Rest-payment is due before delivery of final project results; for established client relationships, an invoicing / payment schedule can be arranged.
  • Delivery.


Change Orders and ‘On-the-fly’ project scope changes on location (like ‘could you real quick take a shot of this & that as well?’: We’ll be as flexible as possible to accommodate additional work and shots.
In general, whenever the original project scope is changed, we’ll need a change order from you which can often be an informal email or text.
Please acknowledge that for additional work or shots also an additional post-production time / effort will be necessary and charged per image or task.

Included in pricing

  • General pre-project consultation: clarifying your goals, specifics, quantities, learning about the project in general, etc. .
    Not included (and considered an extra service): e.g. meetings, planning and brainstorming sessions, creating shot lists, scene planning, scouting trips…
  • ‘Cloud’ delivery
  • and more: it depends on the project type and my estimate will clarify and itemize costs for you

MORE information and PRICING IDEAS for specific types of projects

Pricing in general

TASKS: Photography projects consist of multiple tasks e.g., pre-production tasks (planning, scouting, researching and securing resources, etc.), production tasks (like set-up & break-down, taking photos, staging & styling), post-production tasks, and others …

The estimate reflects the tasks, duration, and pricing.

COSTS: The overall costs for a project are stemming from:

Pre-Production, Photography Fee (DP / photographer / assistant), Post-Production, Production Charges and Expenses, Usage License fees, and potential other fees and charges depending on the project.

*Definition Post-Processing

  • STANDARD post-processing (level-1): enhancing the photo for a better appeal: color & contrast, perspective correction etc. That is NOT retouching in the sense of modifying, changing, removing objects etc…
  • ADVANCED post-processing (level-2): improving and modifying reality, retouching, effects, composites, paths, etc.


TURN-AROUND TIME for photography

As usual: that depends certainly upon the complexity of the project!

The following outlines the expected delivery time for non-complex, small, standard projects which also do not require much advanced post-processing.

Standard delivery for most projects (complex projects excluded) is within 2-5 business days Mon-Fri included
Same Day
(Note: not always possible, please inquire)
+ $200.oo or more, depending on volume
Next Day (before 5pm or otherwise mutually agreed)
(Note: not always possible, please inquire)
+ $100.oo or more, depending on volume
guaranteed within 48 hrs after photo shoot ends, even if weekends follow the date of the photo shoot.
(Note: not always possible, please inquire)
+ $50.oo or more, depending on volume

TURN-AROUND TIME for video projects

Depends on the type of project.

Our estimate will provide details regarding the turn-around time.


Cloud delivery / DOWNLOAD: included / free
USB Flash Drive delivery: $25.oo / per USB stick plus shipping (if applicable)
DVD delivery: not available


If your project requires to mail items (either to return the material, you had sent over, or delivery of items to you) the costs for mailing with your preferred mail carrier will be added to your project price.

We recommend that you consider Tracking and Insurance options when mailing items to us. If you are located in the local area, a drop-off would be best and sometimes we can also arrange a pickup at your location.


  • Local ground-travel may be included and depends on the overall project scope and distance.
  • Long distance travel: upon agreement / actual costs etc.


An advance payment is required to reserve photographer’s time for performing the described service and/or the dates and times of the photo-shooting.

50% (sometimes more) advance payment of all fees and 100% of project expenses / charges will be required at the time of booking. Only after receiving the advance payment the project / appointment date/time is reserved & confirmed. For smaller projects a minimum dollar amount might replace the 50% rule above.

Note: during the estimate process I am discussing a schedule with the client, however, that time slot for the production might be filled with other projects if a client takes too much time to return the paperwork and / or making the advance payment — please be prompt while we are in the process of negotiating and planning your project. 🙂

Our estimate for your project will detail all costs and payments.


  • Cancellation and also Re-scheduling options will be part of our agreement to make sure both parties can enter the agreement in a relaxed manner.


  • After full payment of the Services the photographer assigns the usage license to client according to the agreement.
    Please let us know about your requirements and planned usage; include information about potential IP buy-outs, usage restricting NDA’s, 3rd party usage, and other things. Please inquire regarding cost-sharing options.
    The estimate and the agreement paperwork will detail the topic.


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