video work

EDITING VIDEO (post production)

  • composing videos for given time frames and according to storyboards
  • editing, cutting, enhancing
  • adding audio/music, voice-over narration or overlay text titles
  • Cost range: ca. $150-$25o / per minute of finished video.
  • Advanced editing, animation, effects like requiring Adobe AfterEffects might add to the overall costs
  • Actual costs: can only be estimated after I have reviewed your source material, task list and/or concept / storyboard. There’s also a chance I have to decline if material, concept, and goals are not in-sync. For an estimate I need all material and your concept / goals in writing.

EDITING EXISTING VIDEO (corrections, retouching)

  • e.g. color corrections, obstructing license plates or faces, cutting out unwanted scenes, etc.
  • adding audio/music, voice-over or overlay text titles
  • Costs calculated on hourly basis: $12o / hour.
  • Actual costs: can only be estimated after I have reviewed your source material and task list. For an estimate I need all material and your task list in writing.

Full VIDEO production

  • Real Estate properties
    walk-through presentations can be roughly calculated: ca. $18o to $3oo / per minute of video. Depending on factors like property type, size, interview:yes/no, your requirements, and others. Discounts if bundled with photo shoot.
  • e.g. company presentations, crowdfunding, video applications, etc.: industry ballpark numbers are: $5oo to $15oo / per minute of video, depending on complexity, length of video, goals, number of locations / shoots, and pre-production (script / concept) work involved. A budget of 2k would be a good start.
    Determine your budget by honestly evaluating your goals. Your video needs to appeal to your target audience and their expectations. Costs for crowdfunding, business videos

VIDEO services

  • YouTube implementation; also help with setting up a YouTube channel etc.
  • HTML5 or WordPress video implementation for websites
  • converting video into formats used for websites
  • optimizing video for Internet bandwidth
  • Costs calculated on hourly basis: $12o / hour.


  • projects for individuals (family, anniversary, memories, etc.). Please inquire and tell me about the project.
  • Telling the Story of Someones’s Life — containing photos AND video material. You need to create the storyboard and deliver all material. Please inquire and tell me about the project and the material.
  • Photo slide show: delivered as a video output file. [Note: duration is roughly ca. 1 min per 15 images] — up to 30 images: $95.oo; then $2.50/photo. 1 Text Title Overlay included — more titles are an add-on and costs depend on details. Extras: Music overlays.
  • funerals: chronological recording, 1 or 2 camera angles, including post-production: $27o per hour.
  • General note: your own photo and video material can be used for projects if it is o.k. quality — but keep in mind, the final outcome cannot be better than the source material.

More information: Pricing in general and How to book

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