video work

EDITING VIDEO (post production)

  • composing videos for given time frames and according to storyboards
  • editing, cutting, enhancing
  • adding audio/music, voice-over narration or overlay text titles
  • Cost range: ca. $150-$25o / per minute of finished video.
  • Advanced editing, animation, effects like requiring Adobe AfterEffects might add to the overall costs
  • Actual costs: can only be estimated after I have reviewed your source material, task list and/or concept / storyboard. There’s also a chance I have to decline if material, concept, and goals are not in-sync. For an estimate I need all material and your concept / goals in writing.

EDITING EXISTING VIDEO (corrections, retouching)

  • e.g. color corrections, obstructing license plates or faces, cutting out unwanted scenes, etc.
  • adding audio/music, voice-over or overlay text titles
  • Costs calculated on hourly basis: $12o / hour.
  • Actual costs: can only be estimated after I have reviewed your source material and task list. For an estimate I need all material and your task list in writing.

Full VIDEO production

  • Real Estate properties / Architectural video
    Up to 3 minute videos delivered as HD 1080p YouTube optimized video (without Interview / voice overlay) starts at $250.oo. Depending on factors like property type, size, interview: yes/no, your requirements, and others. All details on my page Real Estate Photography and Video which explains package pricing and bundling.
  • e.g. company presentations, crowdfunding, video applications, etc.: industry ballpark numbers are: $5oo to $15oo / per minute of video, depending on complexity, length of video, goals, number of locations / shoots, and pre-production (script / concept) work involved. A budget of 2k would be a good start.
    Determine your budget by honestly evaluating your goals. Your video needs to appeal to your target audience and their expectations. Costs for crowdfunding, business videos

Aerial Video

Please see: Aerial Photography and Video

VIDEO services

  • YouTube implementation; also help with setting up a YouTube channel etc.
  • HTML5 or WordPress video implementation for websites
  • converting video into formats used for websites
  • optimizing video for Internet bandwidth
  • Costs calculated on hourly basis: $12o / hour.


  • projects for individuals (family, anniversary, memories, etc.). Please inquire and tell me about the project.
  • Telling the Story of Someones’s Life — containing photos AND video material. You need to create the storyboard and deliver all material. Please inquire and tell me about the project and the material.
  • Photo slide show: delivered as a video output file. [Note: duration is roughly ca. 1 min per 15 images] — up to 30 images: $95.oo; then $2.50/photo. 1 Text Title Overlay included — more titles are an add-on and costs depend on details. Extras: Music overlays.
  • funerals: chronological recording, 1 or 2 camera angles, including post-production: $27o per hour.
  • General note: your own photo and video material can be used for projects if it is o.k. quality — but keep in mind, the final outcome cannot be better than the source material.

More information: Pricing in general and How to book

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