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Pantone 18-3838 TCX Ultra Violet — the Color of the Year 2018 — an edit of Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon in PANTONE 18-3838 TCX

The Color of the Year 2018 is PANTONE® 18-3838 TCX aka. ULTRA VIOLET

It reminded me of one of my photos I took at Antelope Canyon, Arizona… I looked at it and with a real quick edit (Hue blend / Multiply blend mode overlay) it actually shows some shades as Pantone 18-3838 TCX…

RGB value is 95-75-139

Hex value is #5F4B8B

CMYK value is not available

Antelope Canyon in PANTONE® 18-3838 TCX
Antelope Canyon in PANTONE® 18-3838 TCX


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