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Pricing / Costs for Video filming and editing

Info sheet: Costs of video production and editing for BUSINESS presentations, CROWDFUNDING videos (Kickstarter etc.), and such type of videos.

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“How much does a 3-min video cost?” – that or similar is a typical question. Many videographers and agencies will respond: “That depends!” … which is true but I’d like to give you some numbers here and these are the industry-typical pricing for video production (which you can research yourself):

The typical range for a corporate video presentation is from $5oo to $15oo per finished minute but complex videos with lots of finesse and sophisticated and cool storyboards go up to $25oo/per minute (unless it is TV broadcast stuff which is even costlier and ranges from 3 to 10k/min.)

That’s pretty simple math: a 3-minute video would be $15oo to $45oo but can go to 7-8k.

In any of these price brackets the price reflects the work that is involved in PRE-PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION, POST-PRODUCTION — however, it becomes clear that e.g. low-end budgets normally do not allow to hire actors or license music or utilize expensive crews or multi-camera set-ups.

Determine your budget for the video: sometimes you are simply bound to your available resources, that’s understood. However, sometimes you need to invest more, if the stakes are high and you have a specific audience.

The general RULE should be … Determine your budget by honestly evaluating your goals. Your video needs to appeal to your target audience and their expectations.

I will try to work out a project that fits your budget and your goal — however, I might ‘right-size’ your project according to your budget and might make suggestions where costs could be saved.

A ballpark range of costs for a ca. 3-min video: 16oo – 5ooo+ USD. A budget of 2-3k would be a good marker for a project that allows for additional features and time investment.

The lower end of the price spectrum requires client to collaborate a lot with the videographer, and to do or assist pre-production work (script, concept, etc.). Also, time-on-location and complexity is on the lower end of the spectrum.

The upper end includes a high level of creativity, details, more complex concept and storyboard, professional voice-over, may be actors, more meetings / brainstorming, and the result is very polished.

ESTIMATE / PROPOSAL for any project

After knowing the specifics of your project we compile a free itemized estimate. To learn about the specifics, we do offer a free initial consultation.

Budget Options for Full Video Production


“Simple, straightforward, and yet professional result” is the most economical way for starters on a budget.

Costs: starts at USD 500 / per finished video minute (please note that every single requirement from your side can influence the price; this is not a fix-price for any project, it’s just a ballpark figure because you wanted to know…)

  • Storyboard creation (1 concept idea) — (the concept / idea / plan: planning scenes, sequences, timing, shots, graphics, narration implementation, etc.)
  • Narration (script) developed and tested (rehearsed) comes from client — we can assist with advise, tips, guidelines.
  • A Half-day production
  • Video editing (1 revision)
  • No actors
  • No professional voiceover included
  • No location rental costs included
  • No special equipment or prep rentals needed / included
  • No music licenses/fees included
  • 1 suggestion for royalty free music implementation (1 revision) or client delivers music clips which must be licensed
  • 1 location, no travel
  • Graphic overlays (Logo / text / etc.) included
  • Still images can be incorporated in video


  • Basically all the items from a starter package can be modified, upgraded –> That leads to additional costs.


Budget Options for VIDEO EDITING (stand-alone)

  • that’s when you provide all material (video clips, narration, etc.) and we assemble the elements and create a polished video for you
  • After I have reviewed ALL your material and concept, storyboard, punch-list, etc. I can compile an estimate for you. I need all your requirements in writing.

Costs: ca. USD 15o to 55o / per finished video minute 




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