photo-impressions 2

photo impressions part 2

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The photos on this page are formatted in a square ‘instagram-style’ or ‘polaroid-style’ format and even in that limited space format they communicate the message of the photo very well. The goal for any photo is to emphasize the key motif or message. Square formats are modern and a great addition to the classic picture formats.

Certainly, the originals are in landscape or portrait format (=horizontal resp. vertical) which is most widely used for brochures and websites but, as you can see, also cropped images work great. That can be sometimes advantageous for certain layouts.

On the other side of the format spectrum are Panoramic Photos which can sometimes be the best choice if you, literally, need to communicate the ‘big picture’.
Often used for landscapes, city sights, or in real estate / home staging photos.


Editing and photoshopping a photo allows to strengthen the message of the photo and make it even better. That could be sometimes color enhancement, or removing distracting objects. But there are many other ways to improve the photo — the possibilities are not endless but vast.

Being also a designer I spend time thinking about the intended use of the photo, meaning… what will work best for the specific purpose and final product.

One photo, many variations

I am interested in learning about the project and ideas of my client — I can then contribute my thoughts based on my experience. Also, I can later create different ‘versions’ of one single photo, e.g. a black-white version or a cropped version that emphsizes details.

photo work